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In late 2011, EMD merged with Millipore to form a company called EMD Millipore Corporation. As a result, EMD and some Millipore products will now be available through one source, and Purchasing Services wants to take this opportunity to provide you with purchasing instructions related to this merge.

How do I purchase EMD and Millipore products today?

Currently, all EMD Millipore Corporation orders must go through PRISM using the company name EMD Millipore Corporation or supplier #479212.  However, there are product-specific instructions for Millipore.  View this page for details regarding Millipore orders.

Are EMD Millipore Corporation products available on PantherBuy?

EMD Chemical products are available via a hosted catalog in PantherBuy. 

EMD Millipore Corporation products are only available through PRISM using the company name EMD Millipore Corporation or supplier #479212.

Some Millipore products are currently available through the Fisher punchout on PantherBuy. View this page for details regarding specific information about Millipore orders.

In the future, EMD Millipore Corporation may host a catalog on PantherBuy.

How will I know if/when a hosted EMD Millipore Corporation catalog is available PantherBuy?

The PantherBuy team will send a notification to you as soon as there is an update on EMD Millipore Corporation product availability in PantherBuy.

Whom should I contact if I have questions?

Send an inquiry or call 412-624-3578.


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