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Gifts and Giftcards


Can my department give gifts or a gift card to faculty, staff, or students to show our appreciation?

Employees may use their own funds to give gifts (of any type) to anyone (staff, student, friends, family, etc) and may take up a collection or “pass the hat” to purchase any type of gift to be given to anyone.

Employees will not be reimbursed for personal gifts or other personal expressions of appreciation given to anyone.

Employees may not use University funds for gifts or personal expressions of appreciation.

Employee’s personal funds (individual or group) must not be comingled with university funds at any time.

Do not deposit personal funds into a university account (bank account, petty cash fund, etc.) and expect the university to purchase or pay for the gift(s).

According to the Internal Revenue Service, gift cards are to be considered the same as cash. Therefore, gift cards may not be purchased either.







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