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Supplier Visit Registration

School of Health Sciences (SOHS) faculty, staff,  and students are required to register all pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, or hospital equipment supplier visits with the University’s Purchasing Department.  All other departments may also use this form to request assistance with scheduling a supplier visit, formal presentation, or show. 

Please complete this request 48 hours prior to the supplier visit.  Someone will contact you within 24 business hours only if:

  • you have requested that a Purchasing representative be present, or

  • the supplier visit may not comply with the requirements of the Industry Relationship Policy.

If you have not requested assistance, and the visit complies with the Industry Relationship Policy, you will not be contacted. Your visit will be registered as required by the Industry Relationship Policy.

Please complete the fields below. The asterisk (*) indicates mandatory fields.
*Purchaser's First Name:
*Purchaser's Last Name:
*Phone: ( ) - (numeric values only)
*University Employee: Yes No
*Intended use of product or services:
*Account no. to which potential purchase would be charged:
*Would you like a purchasing representative to attend the meeting?: Yes No

*Supplier Name:
*Supplier Representative Name(s):
*Date of Visit: Month Day Year
*Purpose of Visit:

*Location of Visit:
*Has supplier been informed of required training?: Yes No
*Will supplier be providing loaner products, samples or pro-bono services?: Yes No
If so, please describe:

*Will equipment be installed on University property?: Yes No
If so, will Facilities Management services be required?: Yes No
*Will services be performed on University property?: Yes No
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