Research & Cost Accounting Office of the Chief Financial Officer
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The mission of the Cost Accounting Department is to provide accurate cost and rate information that identifies the full cost of all University operations through the utilization of regulatory compliant and generally accepted identification, accumulation and allocation methods and systems, relative to the primary University missions of instruction, research and public service.


Core Responsibilities
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F&A/Indirect Cost Rate Proposal

Compile indirect costs and cost allocation information, and prepare the University’s indirect cost rate proposal on a periodic basis. Compare indirect costs and rates to negotiated rates and recommend revisions or extensions to negotiated rates on an annual basis. Conduct the periodic negotiation of the University’s indirect costs and rates with its cognizant federal agency, The Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Cost Allocation (DHHS-DCA).


Fringe Benefit Cost Rate Proposal

Compile fringe benefit costs and related cost allocation information, and prepare the University’s fringe benefit cost rate proposal on an annual basis. Conduct the annual negotiation of the University’s fringe benefit costs and rates with its cognizant federal agency, The Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Cost Allocation.


Service Center Cost Models

Support the development and maintenance of costing models as appropriate in areas such as Specialized Service Facilities, Central Support Services and Auxiliary Enterprises in accordance with federal regulations governing the recovery of costs for such facilities.


Key PRISM Attributes

Ensure proper accountability, consistency and presentation of financial information throughout the financial systems of the University through implementation and monitoring of various internal and external accounting and reporting attributes.


Revise and maintain the University’s Cost Accounting Disclosure Statement (Form DS-2), mandated by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance, that identifies accounting policies, procedures and practices for assignment and recovery of costs on federally and non-federally sponsored programs. Implement and evaluate ongoing compliance with Cost Accounting Standards incorporated into the OMB Uniform Guidance on a University-wide basis. Serve as a monitor for various aspects of regulatory and University compliance.


Cost Allocation and Recovery

Support the appropriate allocation and recovery of University costs in accordance with federal and agency regulations and University policies and procedures through the dissemination of information and drafting of guidance based on authoritative research.


Special Studies

Perform special studies that identify, analyze and summarize the costs of operations and provide management recommendations that facilitate sound internal management decisions and support future policy formulation and financial initiatives.


Audit Liaison

Serve as audit liaison with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General for Audit, with respect to University-wide, program and individual grant and contract audits.