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Reporting a Vehicle Accident (including Vandalism)


Insurance Program


Reporting Accident

Any and all accidents or incidents involving University drivers must be reported within 24-48 hours via the Vehicle Accident Report Form as follows: 

Regional Campuses should then immediately forward to the Office of Risk Management, brichard@bc.pitt.edu.


Department Reimbursement


Frequently Asked Questions


If I use my personal vehicle for University business, does the University provide any insurance if my vehicle is damaged?

Use of personal vehicles for University business is strongly discouraged because the University's automobile insurance program does not provide physical damage (collision or comprehensive) coverage for any damage sustained to an employees' personal vehicle. The employee is also responsible for any deductible and premium increase as a result of any accident.


When using a personal vehicle on University business, the owner of the vehicle must carry automobile liability insurance. The owner's automobile liability insurance coverage is primary coverage. The University's automobile liability insurance policy provides excess coverage only.


Please refer to University Policy 05-07-01 for additional information and clarification.