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What is the WePay™ Card Payment System?

The WePay™ card payment system is a web-based system that enables authorized University of Pittsburgh and UPMC researchers to disburse payments to research study participants.

The University of Pittsburgh and UPMC, as leading medical and academic research institutions, compensate study participants for their involvement in institutionally and government funded research projects. Historically, these payments have taken many forms such as cash, checks and gift cards.

In January 2006, the University of Pittsburgh partnered with UPMC to develop a customized, state-of-the art technology system for disbursing payments to research participants using a payment card. The WePay™ system is the result of that effort.

The WePay™ electronic payment system will replace all payment methods currently in use with a secure payment mechanism that can be used across both organizations and is simple to administer.

WePay™ cards are anonymous, instant issue, MasterCard® branded, stored-value debit cards. They are reloadable and have multiple redemption options to make it easy and convenient for the study participant to use.

The WePay™ system maintains participant confidentiality while greatly enhancing monitoring, reporting, auditing, compliance and control capabilities.