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Q: How would I determine if my desk needs disassembled for moving?
A: The area coordinator for your building would be able to assist you in making this determination.
Q. I have a small cooling unit in my lab. There are wires and pipes connected to it. Who would disconnect this piece of equipment?
In some instances, multiple trades may be required to fulfill a moving request. The area coordinator for your building would be able to assist in this regard.
Q. What can I do with Grant-funded equipment?
A. Federal and State Laws require that ALL grant-funded equipment that is moved, disposed of, traded, or sold must be reported to Financial Records Services (FRS). FRS keeps track of this equipment for accounting purposes. University policy mandates that all departments adhere to Federal and State Laws.
Q. I just want to trade my lab equipment with a department across the hall; it is still in the same building, why should I notify anyone?
A. When Financial Records Services or the Federal Government wants to know where the property is both will arrive at your department to check on the equipment. Your department can be held liable for said equipment. People can forget that the property was moved across the hall.
Q. When will the movers arrive?
A. You will be notified twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled date of the move with an estimated time of arrival (AM/PM).
Q. Is there any cost involved in sending old equipment to Surplus Property?
A. No.
Q. What equipment needs to be cleared and tagged by EHS before it is moved?
A. All laboratory equipment that has come in contact with biological agents (viruses, human cells, bacteria, etc.) must be decontaminated and then cleared by EHS. Common pieces of laboratory equipment include freezers, refrigerators, centrifuges, and incubators.
Q. What do I use to decontaminate laboratory equipment that is going to be moved?
A. Any EPA-registered disinfectant can be used to decontaminate laboratory equipment. The most common example is bleach. A list of EPA-registered disinfectants can be found at
Q. Who do I contact if I’m not sure what to do or who to buy from?
A. Use the Purchasing Services Website Inquiry system; or just complete the 1Click form and someone will get back to you.
Q. How do I process a purchase order?
A. A University of Pittsburgh purchase order may be generated only through PantherBuy or PRISM. No other forms may be used, including forms internally created by a department. Purchase orders are never to be given verbally to a supplier. They must be transmitted to a supplier in writing through PantherBuy or PRISM.
Q. How do I buy goods for my department?
A. To purchase goods, departments must use a University approved purchase order generated from either the University’s PantherBuy system or PRISM. In order to minimize risks to your department, you should always purchase using the University’s standard terms and conditions of purchase. The only purchases covered by these terms are those done through a University purchase order from PantherBuy/PRISM, or through a contract approved by the Purchasing Department and the Office of General Counsel. If you are buying without a purchase order or approved contract, you may severely limit your department’s ability to file a claim against the supplier if the goods are defective, cause injuries, or cause property damage. Additionally, if the goods are damaged, late or incorrect, you may have little or no rights to have the goods returned or replaced. See our website for further information.
Q. How do I contact everyone involved?
A. When you complete the form on the website this form will notify the appropriate departments, and you will receive a confirmation from each department via email. Each department will contact you if they need additional information
Q. I have an internal move and surplus property. Who should I contact for the request?
A. When you submit your on-line request both Surplus Property and Moving Services will be notified and you will receive an email confirmation.
Q. I would like to purchase a file cabinet for my home use from Surplus Property. How do I do this?
A. Contact Surplus Property to make an appointment. The warehouse is open to the public on Wednesday’s. Furniture is available and priced for purchase.
Q. I have a surplus computer from my area. Can I purchase it for my own personal use?
A. Contact your department administrator. In most cases, Surplus Property can place a fair market price on it for you to purchase.
Q. What procedure do I follow to have lab equipment removed from my area?
A. Submit an online request through the 1Click Web site.
Q. I didn’t receive my mail, what can I do?
A. Contact the Mailing Services Offices – Student Mailing Services – Express Mail Services.
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