Chief of Staff and Executive Operations

Members of the Chief of Staff and Executive Operations team support the SVC/CFO’s internal and external roles.

Controller's Office

The Controller's Office has overall responsibility for internal and external financial reporting, budgeting, accounting and student financial services functions at the University.

Financial Operations

Financial Operations manages the University’s buy-to-pay process, including the PantherExpress System; the Travel & Expense Management program, including the Concur system; and compensation payments to University employees as well as payroll-related accounting and audits.

Office of Finance

The Office of Finance is responsible for the oversight and management of the University’s Consolidated Endowment Fund.

Office of Risk Management

ORM holds overall responsibility for managing the University’s liability and property insurance program including all related claims; we also provide advice and consultation to aid departments in managing their risks. At Pitt, Everyone is a Risk Manager.

Office of the Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer is responsible for the management and oversight of the University’s capital structure including its debt portfolio, short duration operating funds, and University-wide treasury management activities.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning and Performance division is responsible for university-wide strategic planning and associated performance measurement and related reporting.

Tax Department

The Tax Department handles all tax matters, as well as filings, for the University.