Strategic Planning and Performance

Strategic Planning and Performance is responsible for partnering with the university's leadership and stakeholders to drive university-wide strategic planning and performance measurement efforts.

Key initiatives include:

The development and implementation of the new Plan for Pitt, building upon the achievements of the original Plan for Pitt 2016-2020. The plan will be based on constituent input from across Pitt’s five campuses.

In early 2020, more than 700 people across the five campuses participated in workshops, focus groups, and small group discussions about the direction of the university.  Additionally, more than 800 people responded to a university-wide survey aimed at capturing input on desired priorities.  Following this information gathering phase, more than 100 faculty, staff, and students served on the steering committee and goal committees that developed recommendations on the university’s priorities and more pointed and outcome-oriented language for the strategy.  Once completed, the strategic plan will include a set of outcome-oriented goals and objectives, a set of core strategies and cross-cutting university initiatives that support achieving those outcomes, and key metrics for measuring progress.

The work on the new P4P will result in a final forward-looking strategy by the end of the FY 2021.

Support for the development and production of the University of Pittsburgh annual report, which is submitted to the University’s Board of Trustees and the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With the goal of creating a more substantive and comprehensive internal report for senior management, the department established a cross-functional working group that included key University offices and designed a standard approach to defining and collecting key data points. The department further coordinated with senior leadership team members to collect input on the metrics and the narrative content for the report to ensure standardization across all functional areas.

Support of portfolio and project management initiatives across the University with the goal of managing the largest and most complex university-wide projects; establishing the process and governance for aligning strategy, resources, and major projects; developing repeatable portfolio and project management processes to be used across the university; and providing strategic counsel and advisory services,  including tools, templates, and guidance.