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FRS is a department that wears many hats. Our office is located at 116 Atwood St. Below is a list of functions the office performs on a daily basis.

Journal Entries

  • We transfer charges for any departments not equipped with processing Journal entries in the PRISM system.
  • We Process all Journal Entries, NSCT’s , NSTR’s, IDC’s, JE’s and DD’s. Look under PRISM manual and Journal Entry Types for more information.

Document pulls

  • We help you to reconcile your level reports by providing backup for all Accounts Payable charges and FRS processed journal entries.
  • We can even give you contact information for the Journals that are not processed here.
  • We also help when you cannot identify charges on your levels, we give you the information you need to make sure your accounts are up to date and charged appropriately.

SPARS (Salaried Personnel Activity Reports)

  • FRS stores all hard copy SPARs from FY12 and prior.
  • We process Salary Wage Cost Transfers.
  • We process SPAR certifications for FY12 (or prior) and the SPARs with the specific dates of May - August 2012. All SPARs after this time period should be processed in the departments.
  • For questions, please contact

  • We create the record retention schedule to help you keep your department’s financial records in order and your paper records less cluttered, not to mention keeping you in compliance with federal regulations.          

See our Frequently asked Questions Section for more information.