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Asset Transfer / Retirement Form

This form can only be used to retire assets that have been scrapped, thrown away, or otherwise disposed. Retirements such as stolen, traded-in, donated, sold, and P.I. Transfer (out of the University) require additional signed paperwork that must be included to properly retire the asset. Please use Form 0093, Retirement (Exhibit E). All fields must be filled in for the Retirement to be properly processed.

A Transfer should be used anytime an asset is being moved from one room to another, from one building to another, and from one department to another. It should also be used to denote an asset that you want to send to Surplus Property. All fields must be filled in.

Select the type of transfer below. If you are retiring an asset, you must give a reason for the retirement. Otherwise, if you are transferring an asset to another area, you must specify where the asset is being transferred. All other fields must be filled in.

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Transfer To:
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