University of Pittsburgh

Control Self-Assessment

Many important key financial control procedures reside in the decentralized units overseen by departmental fiscal administrators. As such, a series of comprehensive questionnaires have been developed to assess the level of compliance with key financial controls and are facilitated through the Sarbanes-Oxley Control Self-Assessment (SOX CSA).

The SOX CSA tool is a web-based application and was developed for fiscal administrators to utilize in order to assess compliance in areas overseen by them. The SOX CSA tool contains 12 categories of questions pertaining to financial processes that normally exist in schools/departments/divisions and other decentralized units.

Completing the SOX CSA has the following benefits:

  • Provides a certain level of assurance the key procedures and controls are implemented and working within the unit assessed
  • Identifies possible control weaknesses so that action can be taken to strengthen the process to reduce negative business risks
  • Provides a good training tool of what is expected for school/department/division administrators
  • Serves as an excellent resource when turnover occurs
  • Completed CSAs are reviewed by Internal Audit to streamline audit planning

All Responsibility Centers are required to complete the questionnaires and update them at least on an annual basis. A user name and password will be created for designated business administrators within each University Responsibility Center to access the SOX CSA web site. If you are a fiscal administrator and do not currently complete a CSA but believe that you should, talk to your Responsibility Centers business manager or contact the Sarbanes-Oxley Project Management Department at 412-624-4206.

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