University of Pittsburgh

Types of Audits

The Internal Audit Department performs a wide range of audit services to the University community including: financial audits, compliance audits, operational audits, information technology audits, consulting/advisory services, and special investigations. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding specific policies and procedures employed by your department, we encourage you to contact us.

  • Financial Audits address questions regarding internal controls, accounting and the propriety of financial transactions. Most audits are integrated encompassing financial, operational, compliance and information technology audits.
  • Compliance Audits determine the degree of adherence to laws, regulations, policies, and procedures of the University, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Federal government, and other regulatory agencies such as the NCAA.
  • Operational Audits review the use of resources and procedures/practices in the department being audited to determine if goals and objectives are being met in the most effective and efficient manner. A key component of operational audits is to assess the internal control environment of the unit to manage and mitigate inherent risks.
  • Information Technology Audits evaluate system processing controls, data security, physical security, systems development procedures, contingency planning, and systems requirements.
  • Consulting and Advisory Services are requested by management and encompass a wide range of activities. We will facilitate risk assessments, business process analysis, data analysis or information technology assessments. We are also available to consult on new system implementations, process and system redesign initiatives, and policy changes.
  • Special Investigations are performed in response to allegations received by our office through the University's hotline or other internal and external sources. Allegations are prioritized and investigated based on an assessment of potential risk to the University.
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