Organization Chart

Below are the divisions that report to SVC/CFO Hari Sastry. Key managers are listed for each area. 

Chief of Staff/Executive Operations

Members of the Chief of Staff and Executive Operations team support the SVC/CFO’s internal and external roles including connecting all major strategic and financial processes across the University. These include the development and execution of a communications strategy with key University stakeholders, as well as working to align outcomes with the strategic plan for the SVC/CFO's office.

Cyndee Pelt
Chief of Staff and Associate Vice Chancellor of Executive Operations
412- 624-6507
Stacey L. Czerniejewski
Administrative Manager
Christine Solie
Communications Director
D’rese Despert
Executive Assistant
Mike Baughman
Financial Modeling Data Manager
Controller's Office

The Controller’s Office has overall responsibility for internal and external financial reporting, budgeting, and accounting functions at the University. Specifically, the Controller’s Office oversees the Student Financial Services department, Sponsored Projects Accounting, Cost Accounting, Budget & Planning, Financial Reporting, General Accounting and Sarbanes-Oxley. Our goal is to serve as a partner to the University community in meeting its fiscal monitoring and compliance obligations.

Thurman D. Wingrove
412- 624-6028
Kathy P. Tosh
Associate Controller, Budget and Planning
Brenda L. Hussey
Assistant Controller, Financial Reporting
David M. Laffey
Director, Sponsored Projects Accounting
Carolyn L. Kaikaka
Associate Vice Chancellor Student Financial Services
Tammy S. Johnson
Director, General Accounting
Michael C. Moran
Director, Cost Accounting
Cheryl A. Walton
Manager, Sarbanes-Oxley Project
Financial Operations

Financial Operations is comprised of the Payroll Department, Purchasing Services, Payment Processing & Compliance, Strategic Sourcing & PantherExpress System Solutions, and Purchase, Pay & Travel Customer Service as well as Financial Records Services. Financial Operations manages: the University’s buy-to-pay process, including the PantherExpress System; payments to non-employees such as research participants, through VincentTM; the Travel & Expense Management program, including the Concur system; capital assets; financial records; and compensation payments to University employees as well as payroll-related accounting and audits.

Maureen Beal
Associate Vice Chancellor
Jennifer M. Theleen
Director, Communications
Thomas Youngs Jr.
Director, Purchasing Services
Stephanie Ford-Jones
Director, Payment Processing & Compliance
Linda M. Renninger
Director, Payroll
Michelle L. Smith
Director, Strategic Sourcing and PantherExpress Solutions
Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management is focused on identifying and managing the University’s risks. We take a holistic approach that involves insurance and non-insurance strategies to identify, mitigate, and monitor risks. In addition to the insurance coverages and programs we use, we also are focused on Enterprise Risk Management, which is an enhanced risk management approach that recognizes that individual risks are often interrelated and therefore require a structured process for their overall management.

Mark Anderson
Executive Director
William C. Ruth
Director, Risk Management, Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation
The Office of the Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer (OOT), in conjunction with the CFO, develops and maintains a proper capital structure and liquidity profile for the University in order to both support the University’s goals and objectives and to properly manage financial risk. The OOT is responsible for the prudent management of financial assets and liabilities of the University, including the investment and safekeeping of non-endowment funds, the issuance and oversight of debt obligations, and the oversight and control of all University banking related accounts and services and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

Paul Lawrence
412- 624-6520
Emily A. Gavin
Assistant Treasurer
412- 624-4384
The Office of Finance

The Office of Finance is responsible for the oversight and management of the University’s Consolidated Endowment Fund (CEF) which had a market value of $5.6 billion at June 30, 2022. The CEF supports financial aid, scholarships, faculty positions, and research activities and links past, current, and future generations of University stakeholders, including students, faculty, and staff.

Jeffer Choudhry
Chief Investment Officer
412- 624-6620
David R. Almodovar
Managing Director of Investments
412- 624-6620
Michael E. Imbrogno
Managing Director of Investments
412- 624-6620
John C. Kaye
Chief Operating Officer - Endowments
412- 624-6620
Justin Stavish
Investment Manager
412- 624-6620
Matthew Kadar
Investment Manager
412- 624-6620
Strategic Planning and Performance

Strategic Planning and Performance is responsible for partnering with the university's leadership and stakeholders to drive university-wide strategic planning and performance measurement efforts..

Melissa D. Schild
Associate Vice Chancellor Strategic Planning and Performance
412- 383-5405
Nandini Ramaswamy
Director, Performance Management and Analysis
412- 624-6352
Joseph A. Ancosky
Director, Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management Office 
Tax Department

The Tax Department handles all tax matters for the University of Pittsburgh and the Medical and Health Sciences Foundation (MHSF), a joint venture of the University and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). This department prepares and files more than 100 tax returns including Forms 990 and 990T. The Tax Department also regularly advises and provides counsel to other University departments regarding tax matters and related initiatives.

James K. Vesco
Tax Director
412- 624-6395
Anna M. Germ
Tax Manager
412- 624-8104
Jonathan P. Lavia
Tax Manager
412- 624-3189