New University-wide Contracted Supplier:
Don's Appliances



Introducing Don's Appliances

The University of Pittsburgh’s PantherExpress team is pleased to introduce Don’s Appliances as the new University-wide contracted supplier of appliances.

Bidding Process and Decision

We listened to the University’s primary appliance purchasers who have communicated a need for better service for this commodity; therefore, during the evaluation of competitive bids, we focused not only on cost savings, but also on service. Consequently, the PantherExpress team has selected a local business with an emphasis on personal sales and service relationships rather than a big box store that would strictly be competitive on pricing but offer little or no customer support.  Choosing appliances will now be easier, more streamlined, and therefore more cost effective. 

What this Means for Departmental Purchasers

Effective October 13, 2014, Don’s Appliances will be the exclusive University-wide contracted supplier for appliances.    By identifying and negotiating  firm pricing with certain name-brand manufacturers, Don’s Appliances is able to offer Good, Better, Best pricing categories (denoted as “Panther Picks”)  for the appliances most purchased here at the University, which include:  refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, ranges, dishwashers, washing machines, and clothing dryers.


  • Special Pricing and Instructions:  As mentioned above, purchasers will be able to find Pitt-negotiated discounted pricing in the Don’s Appliances online PantherExpress System catalog by typing “Panther Picks” into the catalog’s search field.  In addition to the Good, Better, Best price and quality offerings, purchasers may contact Don’s Appliances directly with any specialty appliance needs as well.  View or bookmark this page for contact information and instructions.

  • Service:  Don’s Appliances is a local, family-owned, and full service appliance dealer that has provided exceptional service and products to customers in the Pittsburgh area for over 40 years.  This supplier has a large local warehouse and showroom— ideal for individualized consultation and product selection— that complements its specialization in sales, delivery, and installation of appliances.

Don’s Appliances is now listed in our University-wide contracted supplier directory.  If you have questions about Don’s Appliances, please contact PantherExpress Customer Service by submitting an online inquiry or by calling 412-624-3578.  Thank you.









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