New University-wide Contracted Supplier:
FDSI Logistics


Introducing FDSI Logistics

The University of Pittsburgh’s PantherExpress team is pleased to introduce FDSI Logistics as a new University-wide contracted supplier for *inbound freight management.  The contract with FDSI Logistics will allow University departments to save an average of 30% on inbound freight expenses (savings percentages will vary by supplier).

What this Means for **Departmental Purchasers

The purchasing process will not change

Departmental purchasers will continue to place orders as usual.  The implementation of FDSI Logistics will not change the purchasing process or adversely affect delivery speed.

This is how it will work:  If you are placing an order with a “participating supplier” (i.e. a supplier that is participating in the FDSI Logistics program), the supplier will fill the order and the carrier will ship the order on our third party account with FDSI Logistics.    

Participating suppliers must meet cost and quality control criteria

By mid-December, a group of ten pilot suppliers will begin participating in the inbound freight management program through FDSI Logistics. After the pilot study, we plan to add participating suppliers to the program in phases beginning in early 2015. We will only add participating suppliers that meet inbound freight cost savings criteria and maintain high levels of service for optimal University benefit.  Visit the FDSI Logistics information page for a current listing of participating suppliers.  We will update this page as the program expands to include more suppliers.

Updates and Information

Please visit the FDSI Logistics information page for updates and further information about the program.  This page includes a current list of participating suppliers, highlights of the program, and information about how FDSI Logistics inbound freight charges will appear on your level report.

We welcome FDSI Logistics as a new University-wide contracted supplier for inbound freight management.  If you have questions, please contact PantherExpress Customer Service by submitting an online inquiry or by calling 412-624-3578.  Thank you.

*The contract with FDSI Logistics will not affect outbound freight contracts.   

**Regional campuses (Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville) are not configured to participate in this program at this time.









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