PantherExpress System

What is the PantherExpress System?

The PantherExpress System is a web-based procurement and payment request tool that links authorized University of Pittsburgh purchasers to suppliers. The University uses this system to streamline the process of purchasing goods and services and requesting payments. See the PantherExpress FAQ for further information.

PantherExpress System Access

For Registered Users: Access the PantherExpress System through If you are a registered PantherExpress System user, a login link to the PantherExpress System will be available on the right hand side of your page.

To Register: If you are not a registered PantherExpress System user, see How to Become a PantherExpress System User for instructions. Information about required training is also on this page.

Purchases and Payment Requests in the PantherExpress System

For purchases through the PantherExpress System, use a supplier's hosted catalog or punchout. If a supplier does not have a hosted catalog or punchout use a standard form to place the order.

To request payments through the PantherExpress System, use a PantherExpress System Specialty Form. Access to this functionality requires special training.


Spring-Summer 2019 PantherExpress System Changes


To improve the quality of open commitment data used in budget management, we are changing certain processes within the PantherExpress System. This began on April 7 with the automatic closure of fully-invoiced Purchase Orders (POs), as part of a previously-scheduled system upgrade. System process changes and features will be rolled out between April and July, along with training, resources, and documentation.

For more information about PantherExpress changes, please visit the PantherExpress Update Project page. For more information about the budgeting controls and open commitments projects, please visit the CFO Strategic Initiatives page.



PantherExpress System


Login to then select PantherExpress System from the right menu bar. Or click here to find out how to become a PantherExpress System user.


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Visit this page for a glossary of PantherExpress System terms.


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