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What is a P-card?

A P-card is an institutional purchasing credit card designed to simplify and decentralize the process of procuring goods for your department. The University's P-cards are VISA credit cards administered through PNC Bank.

How do I obtain a P-card?

Get approval
The first step for obtaining a P-card is acquiring departmental approval. Please speak to your supervisor before submitting an application.

Fill out and submit application forms
The P-card application consists of three forms that need to be filled out and either submitted or kept on file. You will need to download and print the P-card Application Form and Prism Form and the Conflict of Interest form to complete the process.

P-card Application Form
When filling out the P-card Application form, make sure to use your legal name as it appears on your driver’s license or other legal identification document and know that you are limited to 24 characters, including spaces. If your legal name is more than 24 characters, you will be contacted about the best way to shorten your name. Fax the completed form to Payment Processing at 412-624-7131.

Prism Form
If you already have access to Prism, you do not need to fill out the Prism form. If you need to submit the form to gain access to Prism, fax it to Financial Information Services at 412-624-9092.

Conflict of Interest Form
The Conflict of Interest form should be given to your supervisor to be retained within your department. This form is not included in the above link but is available as a separate download.

Required Training
Once your application is processed you will be sent an email from Financial Information Services with a link to the training module for the P-card in Prism Train. At the end of the training module you must take and pass the quiz to test your knowledge on P-card usage.

Obtaining your P-card
After the successful completion of the training module you will receive an email from the P-card Administrator to notify you that your P-card is available. The email will include the P-card Acceptance form as an attachment. To pick up the card you bring the completed form, including the signature of your supervisor, to Payment Processing at 116 Atwood St. 

What are authorized vs prohibited uses for the P-card?

View the P-card policy for guidelines and information about prohibited purchases. Pages 3-6 in the P-card policy specifically address usage guideilnes and prohibited purchases.

For guidance on selecting between using P-card, PantherExpress System, and the University Travel Card, please review this payment methods comparison table (excel) or contact PantherExpress Customer Service.

Note: There are merchant categories that are not applicable to the University's day-to-day business affairs. Your transaction could be rejected at the point of sale if you attempt to purchase goods that are categorized with non-approved Merchant Category Codes (MCC). However, occasionally a supplier can be categorized with an incorrect MCC code. If this is an issue, please submit P-card inquiry to PantherExpress Customer Service.

How do I report a lost or stolen P-card?

It is very important to notify PNC Bank immediately when a cardholder or department administrator realizes a P-card has been lost or stolen. The toll-free phone number to call PNC Bank is 1-800-685-4039. This number is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The bank will be able to stop activity immediately. Finally, make sure to send notification through the P-card inquiry system so that the P-card team is aware that your card has been lost or stolen.

What should I do with my P-card if I'm transferring to another department or leaving the University?

When a P-card holder leaves the University or transfers to a new department, the following guidelines apply:

  • The P-card is submitted to the department administrator.

  • The administrator completes a P-card Change Request to cancel the card, noting that the P-card holder is transferring or terminating employment.

  • The department administrator destroys the card and forwards the P-card Change Request Form to the P-card Administrator.

  • No additional purchases against this P-card are to be made.

  • For transfers, application for a P-card within a new department can be made with the new department administrator’s approval.

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