SECTION:                  Control and Assignment

SUBJECT:                 Use of University Suite, Room 1201, Bruce Hall

EFFECTIVE DATE:   June 4, 1989

PAGE(S):                   2


      To define the steps for requesting use of the University Suite, 1201 Bruce Hall for

      meetings and social functions.


      This procedure is limited to events hosted by the President or other administrative officers

      of the University.

      Capacity:  Seated meals in the dining room must be limited to 14 persons.  The suite

      can accommodate approximately 100-125 for a standup reception.

      Charges:  A $20 maintenance fee is charged for the use of the Suite.



      Request for reservation must be submitted in writing on FORM 0041 PITT 5002,

      University Suite Reservation Form (Exhibit A).  If however, time is critical, telephone

      reservations will be accepted.  Requests must bear the personal signature of the

      approving authority, and the account number to which such use will be charged. 

      A guest list must accompany the form.  Use will be granted on a first-request basis. 

      All requests should be submitted to the Office of Special Events at least two weeks in

      advance.  For telephone requests, confirming paper work must be filed within 24 hours

      after the request has been made.

      Host Responsibilities

      It is the responsibility of the Host to:

      -     Provide staff to operate the elevator and handle checking or hanging of outerwear in

            coat closets or on coat racks.

      -     Provide a guest list to the desk attendant in Bruce Hall lobby so that invited guests

            may be admitted.  Should the guest list be a very large one, the host may also wish

            to provide a staff member to manage the lobby area.

      -     Arrange food and beverage service (See below), audio-visual equipment, and delivery

            of coat racks and additional tables and chairs, if required.

      -     Make sure room is secure before leaving the premises.  All lights should be turned

            off; doors and windows must be closed and locked.

      Food Service

      All food and beverage service in the suite must be arranged through Daka personnel. 

      No alcoholic beverages will be served without food service personnel in attendance.  The

      host will be responsible for planning food and beverage service directly with the Catering

      Office of Daka Food Service.

      Food Service personnel are responsible for securing the area if they are present after

      the last guest departs.  All lights should be turned off; all doors and windows are to be

      closed and locked.


      Keys for the Suite and the elevator, if necessary, may be picked up in the Office of

      Special Events, 1200 Bruce Hall, by the official host or his/her representative.  At the

      time of departure, keys may be left in the Office up until 5:00 p.m. on weekdays or as

      soon as possible after 8:30 a.m. the following weekday morning.  Instructions for the use

      of the elevator key will be given at the time keys are picked up.


      Exhibit A - FORM 0041 PITT 5002, University Suite Reservation Form



      Policy 04-01-06, Use of University Suite, Room 1201 Bruce Hall