SECTION:                  Control and Assignment

SUBJECT:                 Off-Campus Conference Facilities

EFFECTIVE DATE:   September 22, 1994

PAGE(S):                    3


      To outline the procedure for contracting off-campus rental sites for University

      conferences to ensure that locations chosen are fully accessible or capable of

      accommodation.  In determining accessibility, federal guidelines must be used as the

      evaluation criteria.


      This procedure applies to all University Sponsored Educational Programs, e.g.

      conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars, or other University sponsored educational

      programs open to the public and held at off-campus locations not owned or operated by

      the University of Pittsburgh.


      Certification of Accessibility - A representation by the owner of a facility of the condition

      of the facility.

      University Conference Planner - Any University personnel, including University faculty,

      administrators, staff, students, or their agents who organize University-sponsored

      conferences, including selection of conference site and registration of participants.


      The Office of Conference Coordination is responsible for maintaining a list of hotels,

      conference centers, and other potential meeting sites, which have provided accessibility

      information to the University, requesting accessibility information on an annual basis of

      off-campus meeting facilities frequently used in the Pittsburgh areas, and advising off-

      campus sites that certification will be required for any University-sponsored off-campus

      educational event.

      The University Conference Planner is responsible for inquiring as to accessibility of an

      off-campus facility, or portion thereof, as part of any initial inquiry into potential rental of

      an off-campus site, and prior to negotiating a contract for such a site, ensuring that a

      certification from the owner of the off-campus site regarding accessibility of the facilities

      is on file.  This individual is also responsible for ensuring that the contract includes a

      clause indemnifying the University in the event the University incurs any liability or loss

      arising out of or related to a claim of non-accessibility.

      The Off-Campus Site Owner is responsible for providing a completed Facilities Survey

      for Off-Campus Events and reasonable accommodations to any registrant requesting

      accommodation based on accessibility deficiencies of the chosen site, if any.

      The Facilities Planning Division of the Office of Facilities Management is responsible for

      serving as a resource center and consultant for University Conference Planners in

      ensuring that the off-campus site will provide reasonable accommodations to any

      registrant requesting accommodation, in sufficient time to relocate the conference, if



      Selection of Site

      University Conference

      Planner                                            1.    As part of the initial inquiry of all potential rental

                                                                     sites, contact the Office of Conference

                                                                     Coordination to determine whether a current

                                                                     certification is available for an off-campus site

                                                                     under consideration.

                                                                     NOTE: To be considered current, the certification

                                                                     must be dated within one year prior to the

                                                                     proposed off-campus event.

                                                              2.    If no certification exists on file for an off-campus

                                                                     site under consideration, forward to the owner or

                                                                     managing agent of the site FORM 0193 PITT 5025,

                                                                     Certification of Accessibility (Exhibit A) and the

                                                                     Facilities Survey for Off-Campus Events

                                                                     (Exhibit B).

                                                              3.    If it is determined by the above-described

                                                                     evaluation process that the selected site has

                                                                     certain accessibility barriers through consultation

                                                                     with the Facilities Planning Division of Facilities

                                                                     Management or other knowledgeable source,

                                                                     request that the site provide reasonable

                                                                     accommodations to any registrant requesting


                                                              4.    Ensure that the contract includes an ADA

                                                                     indemnification clause.

                                                                     NOTE:  A sample clause is available from the

                                                                     Office of Conference Coordination.

      Other Accommodations

      University Conference

      Planner                                            1.    Include in registration materials, the following


                                                                     "We encourage participation by all interested

                                                                     individuals and use best efforts to choose a

                                                                     location which meets the criteria of the Americans

                                                                     with Disabilities Act.  Notwithstanding our best

                                                                     efforts, the program location may not satisfy all of

                                                                     the federal accessibility standards.  If you have a

                                                                     disability, advance notification of any

                                                                     accommodation will help us better serve you. 

                                                                     Inquires concerning accommodations should be

                                                                     addressed to (name, address, and phone number

                                                                     of University conference planner) at least two

                                                                     weeks in advance of the date of the conference."

                                                              2.    Identify in advance, any need for auxiliary aids and

                                                                     services which may not be a fixture of the off-

                                                                     campus facility but which can be provided by the

                                                                     conference, such as, but not limited to, large print

                                                                     materials or assistive listening devices.


      Exhibit A - FORM 0193 PITT 5025, Certification of Accessibility

      Exhibit B - Facilities Survey for Off-Campus Events


      Policy 04-01-09, Off-Campus Conference Facilities