PROCEDURE 09-04-06
                                                      August 2001


The maximum length of the Institution/Examination field is 30
characters.  Unless using the standard abbreviations for the
institutions listed below, abbreviation should not be used unless
the full name exceeds 30 characters.  Only one (1) character
should be entered in each of the 30 spaces provided.

The following standard abbreviations may be used when necessary:

          And                      &
          College                  Coll
          Community                Comm
          County                   Cnty
          Institute/Institution    Inst
          Pennsylvania             PA
          Pittsburgh               Pgh
          Science                  Sci
          State                    St
          Technology/Technical     Tech
          University               Univ

Standard abbreviations have been established for the following

          Butler Cnty Community College
          California University of PA
            (Different from California State University)
          Clarion University of PA
          Comm College of Allegheny Cnty
          Comm College of Beaver County
          CUNY-School Name
          Edinboro University of PA
          Harrisburg Area Comm College
          Indiana University of PA
            (Different from Indiana University and Indiana State
          Rutgers St Univ of New Jersey
          Slippery Rock University of PA
          Univ of Calif-Branch
          Univ Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
          Univ of Wisconsin-Branch
          Westmoreland Cnty Comm College

Currently, the following are the only approved Advanced Standing

          ACT 120 Certification
          ACT-PEP Challenge Examination (Nursing only)
          Advanced Placement Examination
          Advanced Placement Exams
          Advanced Standing Examination
          Advanced Standing Examinations
          Challenge Examination (Nursing only)
          Comenius Univ, Bratislava
          Czech Mgmt Center, Czech Rep
          Excelsior Coll Challenge Exam
          Health Profession Licensure (CGS)
          Int'l Baccalaureate Exam
          Int'l Management Cntr, Hungary
          Nat'l League Nurs Challng Exam
          Occupational Competency Exam (Education Only)
          Regents College Challenge Exam
          Summer Externship (Law only)
          Univ of Pgh Grad Transcript
          Univ of Pgh Undergrad Transcrpt
          Work and Life Experience

Requests for new Advanced Standing entries must be approved by
the Provost prior to submitting the Transfer/Advanced Standing
form to the Registrar.

These guidelines are intended to contribute to an improved
student transcript and to promote University-wide standards for
the recording of transfer and advanced standing credit.