SECTION:                  Academic Programs
SUBJECT:                 International Inter-institutional Academic Agreements
EFFECTIVE DATE:   November 16, 1998

PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy governs the review and approval processes in connection with any agreement

      entered into, by or on behalf of the University, 1) between the University of Pittsburgh and

      one or more foreign governments and/or universities or other organizations domiciled

      outside the United States, regarding the use of this University’s faculty, student, library, or

      other research or instructional resources, or 2) that commits the University of Pittsburgh

      to the deployment of faculty, student, library, or other research or instructional resources

      outside of the United States.

      Agreements governed by this procedure include, but are not limited to, friendship

      agreements and memoranda of understanding (with or without financial obligations);

      program-specific linkages with or without financial obligations (e.g., a library access or

      exchange program, an internship, a language program, a training program, a field research

      program); and institutional linkages that commit the University to broad-based programs

      and/or exchanges with associated financial obligations (e.g., faculty and student

      exchanges, joint research projects).


      Any agreement under the scope of this policy, prior to being executed in accordance with

      the University of Pittsburgh BYLAWS, must be reviewed and approved by each Dean,

      Director, and/or Department Chair through whose units such proposed agreements

      arise; and by any other university official having jurisdiction over the resources involved,

      if any.  This review and approval process must be accomplished, for each agreement,

      through the execution of the International Agreement Routing Form, the completion of

      which will be facilitated by and coordinated with the University Center for International

      Studies (UCIS).  See Procedure 02-01-05, International Inter-institutional Academic


      UCIS in addition to facilitating the review of proposed agreements in the context of existing

      international obligations of the University, is responsible for maintaining a file of fully

      executed copies of all agreements entered into in accordance with this policy, and for

      maintaining a comprehensive database of all agreements entered into at any time, whether

      or not currently operative, which would now fall under the scope of this policy.


      Procedure 02-01-05, International Inter-institutional Academic Agreements

      FORM 0194 PITT 5026, International Agreement Routing Form

      University of Pittsburgh of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education – BYLAWS,

      Article IV, “Execution of Instruments,” adopted by the Board of Trustees, January 14,

      1969, as amended

      Policy 01-03-03, Execution of Instruments

      Policy 01-05-01, Legal Services