SECTION:                 Faculty Appointment and Tenure

SUBJECT:                Recruitment: Faculty Positions

EFFECTIVE DATE:  March 10, 1992

PAGE(S):                  1


      This policy establishes the recruitment process for all full-time faculty tenure,

      tenure-stream, non-tenure, and part-time tenure and tenure-stream faculty.  Excluded from

      this policy are part-time non-tenure, visiting faculty, and research associate positions.


      The Chancellor, based upon recommendations of the Provost or the Senior Vice

      Chancellor for Health Sciences, a review of budgetary requirements, and current Tables

      of Organization, will approve all new or replacement tenure and tenure-stream faculty

      positions for the fiscal year beginning July 1.  Once approved, recruitment may be

      initiated by the appropriate dean, director, or campus president.  Vacancies that occur

      during that fiscal year in an approved position may be filled without additional approval

      by the Chancellor.

      Department chairmen, deans, or campus presidents are responsible for the recruitment

      of faculty in accordance with Policy 07-01-03, Nondiscrimination, Equal Opportunity, and

      Affirmative Action, and for collecting and maintaining summary data on faculty searches

      in compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements.

      To ensure the existence of equal employment opportunities, vacancies must be openly

      advertised.  The filing of vacancies must also follow established University policies

      regarding faculty appointment.  See Policy 02-02-02, General Appointment and Tenure.

      The dean or campus president is authorized to extend an offer of employment to any

      candidate for a faculty position only with the approval of the appropriate senior

      administrative officer.

      Part-time Non-Tenure Positions

      Part-time non-tenure positions may be filled with the authorization of the dean or campus

      president.  All part-time single term positions require the establishment of a contract

      end date.  Single term contracts cannot exceed four months in length.


      Procedure 02-02-15, Recruitment: Faculty and Academic/Executive Administrative


      Policy 02-02-02, General Appointment and Tenure

      Policy 07-01-01, Tables of Organization 

      Policy 07-01-03, Nondiscrimination, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action