SECTION:                  Academic Integrity
SUBJECT:                 Participation in Political Campaigns
EFFECTIVE DATE:   July 10, 1989
PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy establishes regulations on participation in political campaigns by faculty,

      staff, and students of the University, and supercedes any existing University policy on

      this subject.


      General  Individual members of the University community have a right to participate or

      not, as they see fit, in the political process so long as there is no conflict with the

      discharge of their regular duties. The University of Pittsburgh, as an institution, however,

      does not endorse, support or take positions for or against any political candidate for

      office and no individual may speak or act in the name of the University in a political


      A voluntary organization consisting of members of the University community (other than

      groups which have formal responsibilities for governance, administration, or instruction)

      may adopt resolutions endorsing or opposing a candidate or taking a position on an

      issue involved in a campaign for the purpose of assisting or opposing a candidate. Such

      resolutions, whether written or verbal, should clearly indicate that they speak only for their
      organization and do not state a University position.

      University funds, facilities, or services may not be used for any participation or intervention

      in a political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office, except as provided

      below. Individual University employees may freely make private political contributions from

      their own personal funds. They must not, however, allow even an appearance that they

      are doing so in their official University capacities (for example, by using University

      stationery to forward a contribution).

      These principles are not intended to inhibit or restrict the reporting of student or

      employee involvement in politics or the expression of editorial views, identified as such,

      in nonpartisan media such as student publications and broadcasts.

      Student Activities Fees   In order to insure the proper expenditure of student activities

      fees, the following rules shall apply:

      -     Student activities fees shall not be used to fund contributions or honorariums for any

            candidate running for public office.

      -     Student activities fees shall not be used in whole or in part to pay dues or

            membership fees to any organization engaged in the support of a candidate running

            for public office or other political activity.

      Endorsements by Recognized Student Organizations  Recognized student organizations
      have the autonomy to make endorsements of candidates provided their membership
      has been given an opportunity to vote on such an endorsement.

      All endorsements by recognized student organizations shall make it clear that the

      endorsement represents the view of that organization and does not represent a position

      of the University of Pittsburgh.

      Recognized student organizations may set up tables or booths to distribute candidate

      information only at the following approved locations around the University.

      Interior Table Locations                                          Reserve Through

      1.   Michael L. Benedum
            Hall of Engineering Lobby                                Engineering Student Cabinet

      2.   William Pitt Union
            Art Gallery and Concourse Booth                    William Pitt Union Reservations Office

      3.   Cathedral of Learning
            Ground Floor Booth                                         William Pitt Union Reservations Office

      4.   Scaife Hall, 4th Floor Lobby                             William Pitt Union Reservations Office

      5.   Langley Hall Lobby                                           William Pitt Union Reservations Office

      6.   Chevron Science Center Lobby                       William Pitt Union Reservations Office

      7.   Edward H. Litchfield Towers Lobby                  Residence Life Office

      8.   Lawrence Hall Lobby                                        William Pitt Union Reservations Office

      Invitations to Political Candidates to Speak on Campus  Candidates for public office may

      be invited to speak or appear on campus by University affiliated organizations. University

      facilities must have the approval of the Vice President for Public Affairs, and be reserved

      through the Reservations Office. See Procedure 04-01-01, Extracurricular Use of

      University Facilities.

      Candidates may appear on campus to make their views known to the University community

      as an educational program to promote a better informed citizenry. Such meeting must be

      open to all members of the University community. Any program involving candidates shall

      be arranged so that discussion between the candidate and the audience can occur.   All

      points of view shall be permitted to be raised in free and open discussion. All candidates

      for a particular office shall be given an opportunity to appear on campus subject only to

      the requirements that their appearance be sponsored by a University affiliated organization.

      Candidates shall be charged for all costs incurred by the University arising out of their
      appearance with are related to their status as candidates, e.g., cost of additional security.

      Distribution of Leaflets  In order to provide the needed mechanisms for student

      organizations to participate in campaigns, the following key exterior locations have been

      approved for leafletting. Under no circumstances will it be permissible to tape, glue, staple,

      or otherwise affix such literature to University or City property.

      1.   Cathedral of Learning, Fifth Avenue Entrance

      2.   Cathedral of Learning, Bigelow Entrance

      3.   Lawrence Hall Entrance

      4.   Hillman Library, Lower Entrance at Bigelow

      5.   William Pitt Union Entrances, Forbes and Fifth

      6.   Schenley Quadrangle

      7.   Edward H. Litchfield Towers, Forbes Entrance

      8.   Langley Hall Entrance

      9.   Michael L. Benedum Hall of Engineering Entrance

      Distribution of political leaflets at other campus locations is prohibited except with prior
      approval of the Vice President for Public Affairs.

      Political Rallies   With the exception of leafletting in approved locations and the invitation

      of speakers, as described above, all other kinds of political activities on campus, including
      rallies, are prohibited.