SECTION:                   Control and Assignment
SUBJECT:                  Extracurricular Use of University Facilities
EFFECTIVE DATE:    August 10, 2016 Revised
PAGE(S):                    4


      This revision supersedes all previous University policies.  This policy establishes the

      administrative responsibilities, priorities, and general guidelines for the use of facilities

      owned, occupied, and operated by the University, including University grounds, for

      extracurricular activities.

      Assignment of classroom facilities for teaching, and use of University athletic facilities are

      excluded from this policy. See Policy 04-01-03, Classroom Facilities, and Policy 04-01-04,

      Use of University Athletic Facilities.


      University facilities may be reserved for extracurricular or temporary use only when such

      proposed use does not conflict with scheduled teaching assignments or other properly

      scheduled events. The priorities for the use of University facilities are:

      -     Teaching

      -     Related internal University uses

      -     Sponsored external groups

      Intended use must be related, both in theory and in practice, to the educational and

      public service mission of the University.

      Certain facilities have specific program related priorities, which take precedence over

      other uses.

      Organizations requesting use of University facilities must be nonprofit, and preference will

      be given to those that are educational, charitable, cultural, or service.

      The use of University facilities for events that are primarily designed to raise funds for

      organizations and which are not sponsored by an officially recognized University group is

      not permitted.


      Requests for the use of University facilities for extracurricular events will be processed

      through the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Operations, the Office

      of the University Registrar, the Office of Special Events, or the Division of Student Affairs,

      depending upon the facility to be used. See the attached list for the names of contacts for

      all facilities.

      Regional Campuses

      The Regional Campus Presidents are responsible for regulating the use of regional

      campus facilities consistent with this policy.


      No University facility can be used for personal use (i.e., no weddings, bar mitzvahs, high

      school reunions, etc.).

      Insurance Requirements for Sponsored External Groups

      Workers’ Compensation: Statutory

      Employer’s Liability: $100,000 each accident, $500,000 disease - policy limit,

      $100,000 disease - each employee

      Comprehensive General Liability: including but not limited to contractual, products,

      broad form property damage, personal injury, host liquor, and independent contractors

      liability $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage per



      Commercial General Liability: $1,000,000 each occurrence $2,000,000 general

      aggregate $1,000,000 products/completed operations $1,000,000 personal and

      advertising injury $50,000 fire damage (any fire) $5,000 medical expense (any one person)

      Automobile Liability: including hired car and non-owned automobile $1,000,000

      combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage per accident


      There are no refunds for cancellations of requests to use University facilities.

      For specific information related to the costs incurred when using University facilities, see

      Policy 04-01-02, Charges for Use of University Facilities.

      Admission Charge

      Organizations charging admission must disclose this fact, along with the admission fee

      structure, when completing the “Request for Use of University Facilities” form.

      University Sponsor Responsibilities

      Groups and organizations that are not officially recognized or affiliated with the University

      require a University sponsor.  Any regular faculty or staff member who is willing to assume

      responsibility for an individual or group may request use of a facility with the concurrence

      of the appropriate senior administrator.

      University sponsors are responsible for ensuring that facilities users adhere to the policies

      and procedures established for the use of University facilities for extracurricular activities.

      Failure to do so will result in the sponsor’s loss of scheduling privileges in all University


      The University sponsor is responsible for payment for all damages to University property,

      furnishings, or equipment that occurs as a result of their program.  Absent proof to the

      contrary, it will be assumed that any damages (as determined by the University) were the

      result of the sponsored program and charges will be assessed accordingly.

      The University sponsor is responsible for any labor costs accrued, beyond those routinely

      provided, that are essential to their program.  Overtime is charged when required.

      The University sponsor must attend the scheduled event, must be in possession of the

      approved “Request for Use of University Facilities” form, and must show it, upon request,

      to any authorized University official.

      Requests for Multiple Sites

      Requests for the use of multiple sites must be submitted at the same time.  The University

      reserves the right to limit the number of sites approved for all requests.

      Food, Alcohol, Tobacco

      University Food Services must be consulted in advance for on campus events that

      require food service and must approve any third party catering service.

      Alcohol may not be served at extracurricular events unless expressly approved by the

      appropriate reservation center.  Alcohol may not be served under any circumstances,

      except by University Food Services, which is licensed by the Liquor Control Board of the

      Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The University sponsor assumes direct responsibility for

      compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and University Policy

      04-05- 02, Use of Alcohol.

      The use of tobacco in University facilities is regulated by Policy 04-05- 03, Smoking.


      The University and/or the sponsor may require security services at any extracurricular

      event, at the expense of the sponsor.


      No space will be held for any organization until a reservation form is completed and

      approved. See Procedure 04-01-01, Extracurricular Use of University Facilities.

      The reservation centers and the administrators through whom facilities are reserved may

      rescind confirmation of a program or may relocate a confirmed program without advance


      Confirmed reservations may not be transferred to another group, or used for purposes

      other than those for which the request was issued.

      Confirmation of a reservation may be rescinded due to violations of law, policy, or

      procedure, or as a result of unexpected or changed circumstances.


      Procedure 04-01-01, Extracurricular Use of University Facilities

      Policy 02-03-09, Participation in Political Campaigns

      Policy 04-01-02, Charges for Use of University Facilities

      Policy 04-01-03, Classroom Facilities

      Policy 04-01-04, Use of University Athletic Facilities

      Policy 04-01-05, Facility Passes

      Policy 04-05-02, Use of Alcohol

      Policy 04-05-03, Smoking