SECTION:                   Control and Assignment
SUBJECT:                  Charges for Use of University Facilities
EFFECTIVE DATE:    December 20, 2006 Revised
PAGE(S):                    1


      This policy establishes the charges associated with the extracurricular use of University



      In making University facilities available for purposes other than those related directly to

      teaching, regular student programs, and other University-related business, a fee will be

      incurred from the University sponsor for usage of the room or area by non-university

      groups.  See Form 0017 for associated fees.

      When maintenance or security costs accrue in addition to the normally scheduled

      services, a charge will be made based upon the actual current hourly rates for personnel.

      The Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management is responsible for:

      -     Establishing additional maintenance costs, job cost estimates where craft labor and/or

            material is involved, and charges for repair of damaged facilities (including equipment)

      -     Submitting to the appropriate office, after the event, an itemized bill with explanation for

            all damages over and above fair wear and tear resulting from the use of the facility

      Since all work performed at the University by trade craftsmen is considered to be

      "additional" in the context used herein, the same basis will be employed to determine

      charges to all users. The charges do include all fixed and overhead costs.

      Users are required to reimburse the University for repair of any damage to a facility

      resulting from its use.

      The Chief of the University Police Department is responsible for establishing additional

      security costs involved.