SECTION:                  Control and Assignment

SUBJECT:                 Classroom Facilities

EFFECTIVE DATE:   January 16, 2002 Revised

PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy establishes administrative responsibility for the management of all University

      classroom facilities, including classroom renovation and conversion of classrooms into

      other space.



      Classroom space, including lecture halls, seminar rooms and auditoria are University-wide

      resources, and as such are under the jurisdiction of the Provost.

      The registrar at the campus is responsible for the scheduling, assignment, and control of

      classroom facilities, establishing seating capacity, and monitoring equipment.  Chairs, desks,

      tables, chalkboards, maps, or any other specialized equipment may not be removed from,

      or added to any classroom facility without prior approval of the appropriate registrar.

      Assignment and Change

      Facilities are assigned for optimum utilization in accordance with Policy 02-01-04, Course

      Meeting Times, with due consideration to school and departmental curriculum requirements,

      accessibility, and priorities.  The primary purposes for the assignment of classroom

      facilities are courses, seminars, workshops and examinations.  Classrooms may not be

      used for other purposes without the approval of the appropriate registrar.  (See Policy

      04-01-01, Extracurricular Use of University Facilities.)  The appropriate registrar must be

      notified of any change which may cause a modification of the assignment of classroom


      Classroom assignments appearing in the University Time Schedule of Classes are subject

      to change by the appropriate registrar.  No classroom changes are made after the

      fourteenth calendar day of the term.

      Renovation/Conversion of Classrooms

      Deans, department chairmen, and campus presidents must request prior approval of the

      Provost and/or Senior Vice President for Health Sciences to renovate classrooms, create

      new classrooms, or convert existing classrooms into other space, such as faculty offices.

      In the Health Sciences, deans, and department chairmen must obtain approval of the

      Senior Vice President for Health Sciences before submitting a request to the Provost. 

      The Classroom Management Team has responsibility for reviewing such requests and

      making recommendations to the Provost for consideration in making the final decisions.


      Food, beverages, and smoking are not permitted in any classroom.  All instructors are

      authorized to enforce this policy in the interest of maintaining the physical condition of



      Policy 02-01-04, Course Meeting Times

      Policy 04-01-01, Extracurricular Use of University Facilities