SECTION:                  Purchasing
SUBJECT:                 Authority for Management of Procurement
EFFECTIVE DATE:   August 4, 2004
PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy affirms the authority to establish, maintain and ensure compliance of policies and

      procedures in the acquisition and payment of goods and services at the University of



      The Board, through bylaws and resolutions, authorizes certain officers and other individuals

      who are not officers to execute and sign contracts and other instruments on behalf of the
      University of Pittsburgh.  These individuals, if authorized to do so by the Board, may

      delegate all or part of such authority to any other person or persons in writing.

      The Board also authorizes the delegation of purchasing authority through the Vice

      Chancellor for Budget and Controller to the Purchasing Department.  The Purchasing

      Department establishes and maintains policies and procedures for the acquisition and

      payment of goods and services for purposes of ensuring legal and ethical business

      practices and safeguarding University resources through a system of internal controls.

      Unless otherwise stated in the Bylaws, Board Resolution(s), or official policy, Purchasing

      Department authority includes, but is not limited to, the following for all University units and

      -     Establishing business practices, processes, procedures, tools, and specific methods to

            be used by University units and campuses when purchasing and paying for goods and

      -     Overall responsibility for obtaining the best value for purchased goods and services at

            the University of Pittsburgh in terms of competitive pricing, quality, excellent service,

            favorable delivery terms, and efficient ordering and payment processes.

      -     Delegating specific purchasing authority in writing to University units and campuses.

            Delegated authority includes authorizing specific individuals, requiring appropriate

            training, and establishing dollar limits and limits on the types of goods and services that

            may be purchased without Purchasing Department approval.

      -     Responsibility for the management of suppliers, which includes supplier access to the

            University community through visits, emails, fax, or any other form of communication.

      -    Monitoring compliance with University purchasing and payment policies and procedures.


      Policy 01-03-02, Board of Trustees Authority

      Policy 01-03-03, Execution of Instruments

      University of Pittsburgh Bylaws

      University of Pittsburgh Board Resolutions Authorizing Certain Officers and Other

      Individuals Who Are Not Officers to Execute and Sign Various Documents on Behalf of the

      University of Pittsburgh: February 26, 1991 and February 22, 1996