SECTION:                  Book and Subscription Purchases

SUBJECT:                 Textbooks, Instructional Materials, and Subscriptions

EFFECTIVE DATE:   November 9, 1993

PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy establishes regulations on the printing, purchase, and sale of textbooks and

      instructional materials.


      Textbooks and Instructional Materials

      University schools or departments are responsible for initiating requests for the purchase

      of books and textbooks through the Book Centers and for the printing of department-based

      instructional materials through either the Book Centers or Central Business Services.

      Central Business Services is responsible for the reproduction of all instructional materials

      sold to students.

      The University Book Center or the Health Book Center is responsible for:

      -     Ordering all books and textbooks from the publisher, or any other source

      -     Making the final decision on quantities ordered, based on previous history, and the life

            of the book on campus

      -     The sale of all purchased material to students

      Both the University Book Centers and Central Business Services are responsible for the

      sale of instructional material reproduced by Central Business Services to students and


      Books Purchased for Departmental Use

      For purchasing merchandise that involves the expenditure of University funds, a purchase

      requisition must be submitted to the University Book Center or the Health Book Center for

      approval and ordering, prior to making an oral commitment with a publisher.

      Merchandise ordered from the Book Center or the Health Book Center will be billed to the

      department at publisher's suggested retail price less 10 percent discount.

      Faculty members are not permitted to order directly from the publisher for departmental

      use or sell any textbooks, notes or supplies to students in class.


      The University Book Center, or the Health Book Center is responsible for processing

      subscription orders from the Superintendent of Documents and the National Technical

      Information Service.

      All other subscriptions to journals, periodicals, and magazines should be ordered directly

      from the publisher.


      Procedure 05-05-01, Textbooks, Instructional Materials, and Subscriptions