SECTION:                  Resource Management

SUBJECT:                 Personal Use of University Resources

EFFECTIVE DATE:   May 1, 1995

PAGE(S):                   2


      The importance of personal integrity regarding University resources should not be

      minimized.  Small savings throughout a large institution can add up to a meaningful

      number.  Students, parents, donors, taxpayers, governmental agencies, etc., have

      expectations that University resources will be consumed in the support of the institution's

      mission.  This policy will be successful if we are able to create an atmosphere of personal

      integrity and raise consciousness on this issue.

      We must be sensitive to the expectations of our constituents and avoid personal use of

      University resources when possible, and encourage and facilitate reimbursement when

      personal use is allowed or unavoidable.  This policy is not intended to be punitive in nature.

      Blatant abuse can and should be detected and prevented by good management, even in

      the absence of a formalized policy.  However, the existence of a formalized policy

      demonstrates the University's commitment to prudent fiscal operations.

      No policy can address all possible issues and situations.  Hopefully the guidance and

      examples provided in this policy will help individuals resolve policy exceptions.  Regardless

      of the situation, the basic concept to keep in mind is that personal use of University

      resources is inappropriate.


      This policy establishes the administrative responsibilities and general guidelines for the

      personal use of University resources.  This would include use of the University's phone

      system, facsimile machines, copiers, office supplies, tools, equipment, and vehicles.  It also

      discusses student and staff involvement in administrators' and faculty efforts.

      The use of University facilities, the University mail system, and University-owned computing

      equipment are excluded from this policy.  See Policies 04-01-01 Extracurricular Use of

      University Facilities, 10-01-02 University Mail, and 10-02-05 Computer Access and Use.


      Personal use of University resources is generally not permitted.  However, when personal

      use of University resources is unavoidable, reimbursement should be made to the



      The FAIS departmental administrators are responsible for monitoring compliance with this

      policy.  These individuals should develop the applicable reimbursement and monitoring

      mechanisms relevant to the circumstances of their particular department.  Cost/benefit

      factors should be considered when determining the need for formalized control and

      documentation requirements.  Administrators may determine that nominal personal usage,

      for example less than one dollar of copying or telephone charges in a month, does not

      justify collection and deposit efforts.  Requests for policy exception or conflict resolutions

      must move upward through each level of the reporting structure related to the individual

      desiring exception to this policy.  Obvious abuse or non-compliance should be addressed

      with the employee by the employee's supervisor.

      Telephone and Facsimile Use

      Non-business-related long distance (toll) telephone and facsimile charges to University

      accounts should be reimbursed to the institution by the employee initiating or responsible

      for the call.  Excessive non-business local calls and facsimile charges are also not


      FAIS departmental administrators should determine the timing of the required

      reimbursements, e.g., monthly or quarterly, and the monitoring or control system to be

      established based on the magnitude of the department's toll calls, e.g., honor system,

      sign-up sheet, or formalized specific call identification.

      Copier Use

      Personal use of the University's copiers should be reimbursed to the University.  Based on

      volume and cost considerations, FAIS departmental administrators should determine

      whether copier usage should be controlled by auditrons, vend-a-cards, sign-up sheets, or

      an honor system.

      Office Supplies, Tools, Equipment, and Vehicles

      Office supplies should only be used for University business.  Tools, equipment, and

      University-owned vehicles may not be loaned for personal use.

      Student and Staff Involvement in Administrators' or Faculty Efforts

      Administrators and faculty are not to request/demand student or staff support for their

      non-University activities.  Inappropriate requests for student or staff support include but

      are not limited to:

      -     work related to private businesses or endeavors in which the administrator or faculty

            member realizes financial benefits;

      -     community or recreational activities unrelated to the University's public service mission,

            e.g., little league teams or religious groups; and

      -     purely social activities hosted by an administrator or faculty member even if attended

            by other University employees, e.g., weddings, birthdays, etc.

      Student and staff support for speeches, papers, book manuscripts, non-paid community

      service, etc., should only be requested if these activities have some relationship to the

      administrators' or faculty members' responsibilities at the University.  Personal work not

      related to the University should be done by administrators, faculty, or staff themselves or

      hired out by them at their own expense.  This work is not to be done on University time or

      utilizing University facilities under any circumstances.