SECTION:                  Recruitment

SUBJECT:                 Recruitment Requests: Staff Positions

EFFECTIVE DATE:   March 10, 1992

PAGE(S):                   2


      This policy establishes the recruitment process for all staff positions, including newly

      established positions, previously approved positions, and temporary positions not filled

      through the Temporary Employment Pool (TEP).  Additional guidelines for staff positions

      requiring search committees are delineated in Policy 07-01-05, Search Committees:

      Faculty, Academic/Executive Administrators.


      The Chancellor, with the recommendation of an administrative officer, reviews all requests

      to establish new regular staff positions.  (See Policy 07-01-01, Tables of Organization.) 

      Recruitment may not commence until the new position has been approved by the

      appropriate administrative officer and the Chancellor, and the necessary budget funds

      provided.  Recruitment for any previously approved regular staff position, or any

      temporary position, may be initiated by the responsibility center head without additional

      approval of an administrative officer.  All temporary positions require the establishment of

      an assignment end date. Temporary assignments cannot exceed six months in length.

      Recruitment Request and Job Description forms must be submitted for each vacancy.  All

      documents must be approved by the appropriate administrator.  A letter of justification, a

      Recruitment Request form and a Job Description form must accompany all requests to

      establish new positions.  (See Procedure 07-01-02, Recruitment Requests: Staff Positions.)

      The Office of Human Resources is responsible for assigning a job classification title and

      code to new classified staff positions based on the duties and responsibilities of the


      The University Employment Centers are responsible for coordinating the recruitment of all

      staff positions in accordance with Policy 07-01-03, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action. 

      To ensure the existence of equal employment opportunities, vacancies are openly

      advertised.  To ensure affirmative action, only University Employment Centers are

      authorized to place staff position advertisements and determine appropriate placement of

      the advertisements.  Advertisements are placed at the expense of the recruiting

      department.  At the discretion of the department, responses to position advertisements

      may be received directly or through the Employment Center.

      The recruitment and employment of University employees is coordinated among the

      University Employment Center, the department and the appropriate administrative offices.

      Whenever possible, preference must be given to candidates from the Return to Modified

      Work Program and transfer applicants.  (See Policy 07-06-01, Return to Modified Work

      Program.)  The filling of vacancies with internal promotions and transfers must also follow

      established policies and procedures regarding dates of employment and salary

      administration.  University Employment Centers are the only offices authorized by the

      Chancellor to extend a bona fide offer of employment to any candidate for a staff position.

      An offer of employment will be made only if a completed Staff Employment Application is

      on file.

      Recruitment Data

      The University Employment Centers are responsible for collecting and maintaining

      summary data on all applicants for staff positions in compliance with state and federal

      regulatory requirements.  Departments are responsible for forwarding copies of all

      resumes to the appropriate Employment Center to assist in the collection of applicant data.


      Procedure 07-01-02, Recruitment Requests: Staff Positions

      Policy 07-01-01, Tables of Organization

      Policy 07-01-03, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

      Policy 07-06-01, Return to Modified Work Program