SECTION:                  Employment Status

SUBJECT:                 Nine-Month and Ten-Month Full-Time Staff Status

EFFECTIVE DATE:   June 30, 1995 Revised

PAGE(S):                   3


      This policy establishes at-will employment opportunities for nine-month and ten-month full-

      time regular staff status (with a continuous two-month or three-month period of non-

      employment any time during July 1 through June 30) and includes conditions of

      employment and eligibility for benefits.  Except as otherwise stated, all personnel policies

      and procedures issued by the University are applicable to nine-month and ten-month full-

      time staff status.


      Voluntary - Current Employees

      For current staff employees on a 12-month status, conversion to nine-month or ten-month

      status is voluntary.  The definition of "voluntary" in this context will be that the conversion

      will be initiated by the affected employee and be agreed upon by the employee and the

      responsibility center head.  If there is a disagreement, the responsibility center head will

      base the decision on the operational needs of the unit.  At the discretion of the

      responsibility center head, all positions may be determined to be 12-month positions.  In

      the event that the responsibility center head or the employee wishes to revert the nine-

      month or ten-month position back to 12-month status, this conversion must be mutually

      agreed upon by both parties.

      New Positions/Replacement Positions

      For employees hired to fill new or replacement positions, terms of employment status will

      be defined in the job description.


      Compensation for employees on nine-month or ten-month status is based on a 12-month

      annualized rate and is payable in 12 equal payments.  The monthly rate is determined by

      dividing by 12 the annual salary that would be offered if the position were on a 12-month

      status and multiplying by nine or ten.  The nine-month or ten-month status salary will

      become effective July 1.

                  Example:     $25,000/12 = $2,083.33

                                      $  2,083.33 x 9 = $18,749.97 (nine-month salary)

                                      $25,000/12 = $2,083.33

                                      $  2,083.33 x 10 = $20,833.33 (ten-month salary)

      Vacation, Personal Days, Holidays, and Sick Time

      Employees on nine-month or ten-month status accrue vacation based on length of service,

      prorated as follows:

          Years of Service                    Nine-Month Status                  Ten-Month Status

      Up to Five Years                       10 days x .75 = 7.5 days            10 days x .83 = 8.3 days

      Six Years to Ten Years             15 days x .75 = 11.25 days        15 days x .83 = 12.5 days

      Over Ten Years                        20 days x .75 = 15 days              20 days x .83 = 16.6 days

      Earned vacation days must be taken during the nine-month or ten-month assignment;

      earned vacation may not be carried over.  Employees on nine-month or ten-month status

      receive two personal days which also must be taken during the employment period. 

      Vacation and personal days are not payable as a cash benefit.  Employees receive pay

      for all University paid holidays and recesses that occur within the employment period. 

      Holidays that occur outside of these time frames are not reimbursed.

      Sick time is accrued at the rate of one sick day per each month worked.  The maximum sick

      time accumulation that can be carried over from one employment period to the next is 120


      Health Care and Optional Group Term Life Insurance

      Employees on nine-month or ten-month status are eligible to participate in health care and

      optional insurance programs offered by the University.  There is no pro-rated reduction. 

      Both the University and the employee contribute to these programs over the 12-month pay


      Other Insurance Coverage

      Employees on nine-month or ten-month status are included in certain insurance programs

      during their period of employment, the cost of which is paid entirely by the University. 

      These include Liability, Travel Accident, and Workers' Compensation.  Employees are not

      covered under these insurance programs during the period of non-employment.

      Unemployment Compensation, Long-Term Disability, and Retirement Contributions

      Based on reasonable expectation of return to work, employees on nine-month or ten-

      month status are not eligible for unemployment compensation during the period of non-


      In the event of disability, long-term disability benefits are payable the first month following

      six months of continuous disability.

      The University makes contributions to the employee's retirement program over the

      12-month pay cycle.

      Educational Benefits

      Employees on nine-month or ten-month status are eligible for employee, spouse, and

      dependent scholarships for all academic terms under the same terms and conditions of

      those employees on 12-month status.

      ID Cards and Services

      ID Cards for employees on nine-month or ten-month status are valid during the period of


      Provisional Period

      Provisional periods of employment associated with nine-month or ten-month status are

      six months for professional positions and three months for non-professional or clerical/

      secretarial and technical positions. Depending on the date of hire, completion of the

      provisional period may carry over from one status period to another.  Provisional periods

      cannot be credited during period of non-employment.

      Salary increases for employees on nine-month or ten-month status coincide with the

      beginning of the academic year; employees are eligible for a salary review on September 1

      following completion of the provisional period.  Employees on nine-month or ten-month

      status are eligible for the same annual rate of increase as employees on 12-month status.

      Employees on nine-month or ten-month status are evaluated annually on the same

      schedule as other classified staff positions.

      Period of Non-Employment

      If an employee on a nine-month or ten-month status is requested to work during the period

      of non-employment to complete a project, the employee will be reimbursed at the hourly

      rate calculated by dividing the annualized salary by 1,950 standard hours (for example: 

      $25,000/1,950 hours = $12.82 hour). Vacation days and sick time are not accrued during

      this period.

      During the period of non-employment, if an employee on nine-month or ten-month status

      wishes to pursue a temporary assignment at the University, this must be done through the

      Temporary Employment Pool.  These temporary assignments must be outside of the

      department in which the employee holds nine-month or ten-month status and will be at an

      hourly rate determined by the assignment.