SECTION:                  Staff Performance
SUBJECT:                 Performance Appraisal Program
EFFECTIVE DATE:   April 19, 2013

PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy establishes a University Performance Appraisal Program which includes an

      Annual Appraisal, a three-step review process during the Provisional Period of

      Employment and, reviews for special circumstances.  It applies to all regular full-time

      and part-time staff in the Staff Classification System.



      Annual Appraisal

      It is the responsibility of the University, through its supervisors, to evaluate the job related

      performance of all staff members prior to the conclusion of each fiscal year.  A Staff

      Performance Appraisal form is to be completed for each staff member by the immediate

      supervisor responsible for evaluating the staff member's job-related performance over the

      twelve month rating period.

      A Self-Appraisal form is to be completed by each employee as part of the Annual Appraisal.

      The supervisor is responsible for discussing with the employee 1) expectations about job

      responsibilities and performance standards, 2) evaluation of job performance during the

      current rating period, and 3) objectives for the next rating period.

      The staff member's signature on the Staff Performance Appraisal form is required to verify

      that an appraisal was completed.  The signature of the immediate supervisor and any other

      appropriate signatures are also required.  The staff member will receive, upon request, a

      copy of the completed Staff Performance Appraisal form at the time of the review.

      Provisional Period Review

      There is a three-step review process for  job performance for all newly hired, transferred, or

      promoted staff members at the beginning, mid-point, and end of their provisional period of



      The staff performance appraisal may be used at other times to reward particular

      accomplishments, support requests for salary increases and/or reclassification, or document

      problems with deficient performance.


      Procedure 07-05-01, Performance Appraisal Program

      Forms and Other Tools for the Performance Appraisal Program can be found at the Office of

      Human Resources Web site