SECTION:                  Employee Support
SUBJECT:                 Access to Employee Personnel Files
EFFECTIVE DATE:   July 7, 2008 Revised
PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy affirms the rights of current University employees to review their personnel

      files maintained in the individual's employing unit or in central University files.  It has

      been established in compliance with the Personnel Files Act of 1978.  This policy also

      addresses appropriate maintenance of staff members’ personnel files.



      Employees are entitled to inspect their own personnel files used to determine their own

      qualifications for employment, promotion, additional compensation, termination or

      disciplinary action.

      The following types of documents or copies thereof are accessible for review: Appointment

      and Special Action Forms and Employee Record Forms (such as original appointment,

      transfer, promotion, leave of absence, sabbatical leave, reappointment, change in salary,

      change of title); wage or salary information; fringe benefit information; on the job accident

      reports; attendance records; letters of commendation, reprimand or other disciplinary

      action; retirement, and grievance forms; performance evaluations, and biographical data.

      The following documents are exempt from inspection and are not accessible to employees:

      letters, telephone notes, or memoranda of external references secured from persons who

      are not current University employees and who do not receive an honorarium or fee for

      submitting the reference in conjunction with initial appointment, reappointment, promotion,

      or the award of tenure; records relating to the investigation of a possible criminal offense;

      documents being developed or prepared for use in civil, criminal, or grievance procedures;

      medical records; and materials used by the University to plan for future operations.

      Offices may specify reasonable hours, during regular business hours, when employees

      may review their files.  A representative of the office will be present with the individual during

      the file review.

      An employee may make handwritten notes from the file, but not remove the file or portion

      thereof.  A copy of any material in the file that initially had been provided to or by the

      employee, but which the individual no longer has in his possession, will be provided to the

      individual upon request within a reasonable period of time.

      In the event that an alleged error is found in the personnel file, the employee may file a



      Personnel files for all staff members shall be maintained on a confidential basis in their

      current departments by an appropriate supervisor or administrator.  Any relevant medical

      documentation must be maintained confidentially in a separate secure (locked storage

      unit) file.  In the event that a staff member transfers to another University department, or

      is rehired after separating from the University, the staff member’s complete file(s) shall be

      transferred to the new department.


      Procedure 07-06-05, Access to Employee Personnel Files