SECTION:                  University Grading
SUBJECT:                 Grading Options
EFFECTIVE DATE:   July 1, 2013 Revised
PAGE(S):                   2


      This policy regulates the determination of grade options in accordance with the

      University's grading system.


      Within the policy of the individual academic units, faculty may decide to offer a course

      under one of the following available course grade options:

            LG                        Letter Grade
            H/S/U                   Honors/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
            S/NC                    Satisfactory/No Credit
            LG and H/S/U      Letter Grade and Honors/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
            LG and S/NC       Letter Grade and Satisfactory/No Credit
            H/HS/S/LS/U       Honors/High Satisfactory/Satisfactory/Low Satisfactory/

                                        Unsatisfactory (School of Medicine only)

            S/U                      Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (School of Medicine only)

      A student may choose any of the grading options available for the course offered.  A

      student may audit any course with the permission of the instructor and the academic

      center offering the course.

      Undergraduate Courses

      Any student who chooses to select a grade option for an undergraduate course must

      submit a Grade Option/Audit Request for an Undergraduate Course form to the academic

      center offering the course by the deadline date established by that academic center but

      no later than the time period listed below:

            TERM/SESSION                            STUDENT DEADLINE
            Fall and Spring Terms                    End of the 4th week of the term
            Summer Term                                End of the 4th week of the term
            Summer 12 week                           End of the 3rd week of the session
            Summer 6 week 1 and 2                By Wednesday of the 2nd week of the session

            Summer 4 week 1, 2 and 3            End of the 1st week of the session

      Grade Option/Audit Request forms for undergraduate courses must be forwarded by the

      academic center to the Office of the University Registrar no later than noon on the next

      business day.  Since this form represents a contract between the student and the

      University, the grade issued must conform to the agreed upon option.

      The Student Administration System will monitor option grades submitted for undergraduate

      courses and convert those grades not conforming to the grade option contract in the

      following manner:

            H/S/U Grade Option for                   S/NC Grade Option for
            Undergraduate Courses                  Undergraduate Courses

            A+     converts to    H                       A+      converts to     S
            A       converts to    H                       A         converts to     S
            A-      converts to    H                       A-       converts to     S
            B+     converts to    S                       B+      converts to     S
            B       converts to    S                       B        converts to     S
            B-      converts to    S                       B-       converts to     S
            C+     converts to    S                       C+     converts to     S
            C       converts to    S                       C        converts to     S
            C-      converts to    U                       C-      converts to     NC
            D+     converts to    U                       D+     converts to     NC
            D       converts to    U                       D       converts to     NC
            D-      converts to    U                       D-      converts to     NC
            F       converts to    U                        F       converts to     NC

      Graduate Courses

      Grade Option/Audit Request forms for graduate courses are not required and will not be

      accepted by the Office of the University Registrar.  Academic centers may establish their

      own individual deadlines and procedures for processing grade option and audit requests.

      The Student Administration System does not convert or accept incorrect grades

      submitted for graduate courses.


      Procedure 09-01-03, Grading Options

      Policy 09-01-01, Grading System