SECTION:                  University Grading
SUBJECT:                 Course Repeat
EFFECTIVE DATE:   August 29, 2005 Revised
PAGE(S):                   1


      This policy establishes regulations on course repeats.  All school and regional

      campuses are required to adhere to this policy.  Academic Deans/Regional Campus

      Presidents may, however, waive these guidelines in extenuating circumstances.


      A student may repeat any course, except as noted below.

      No sequence course may be repeated for credit after a higher numbered course in that

      sequence has been passed with a C or higher grade.  This also pertains to graduate

      and first professional students who have passed with a B or higher grade.

      No course may be repeated at any other institution and have that grade accepted as a

      replacement for the original grade earned at the University of Pittsburgh.

      The grade earned by repeating a course is used in lieu of the grade originally earned.

      The following calculations apply to all students at the University of Pittsburgh:

      -     The original course and grade remain on the transcript and/or the academic record,

            however, the grade and credits originally earned are not counted in the calculation

            of the QPA (prior to Fall term 2005) or the GPA.

      -     The repeated course does not increase the number of credits counted toward

            meeting the degree requirements unless an F is replaced by a passing grade.

      W, R, N, or NC grades reported for the repeated course will not be identified as a

      course repeat, thus the original grade earned will continue to be counted in the QPA

      (prior to Fall term 2005) or GPA.  Incomplete (G or I) grades will not be identified as

      repeated courses until the course work is completed.

      Students may repeat a course no more than two times. Any grade earned in the

      repeated course will be posted to the academic record even if it is lower than the

      original grade.

      The repeated course must be the same in which the original grade was earned.  In

      extenuating circumstances, a department chairman, with the dean's approval, may

      substitute another course of similar content.

      Course repeat forms must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar to affect grade