SECTION:                  Financial Aid
SUBJECT:                 Tuition Exchange Scholarship Fund
EFFECTIVE DATE:   December 8, 2006 Revised
PAGE(S):                    2


      This policy establishes the University's participation in the Tuition Exchange Scholarship

      Program, administered by the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, and available to

      the dependent children of regular full- time University employees.  It includes the terms

      of the scholarships and the criteria for determining eligibility to participate in the



      Effective with the 1990-91 academic year, the University will become an active

      participant in the Tuition Exchange Scholarship Program.  Member institutions of the

      Tuition Exchange Program may send dependent children of employees, if the

      dependent child is awarded a Tuition Exchange Scholarship, to any other school

      participating in the program at a significant tuition reduction or at no tuition charge.  The

      dependent children of regular full-time University employees with at least one year of

      service are eligible to apply.

      The number of dependent children eligible to participate in the Tuition Exchange

      Scholarship program is limited by the number of scholarships available at member


      The dependent child must be admitted to the host institution to be eligible for Tuition

      Exchange Scholarship consideration.  Member institutions apply their own admissions

      standards and are free to choose among applicants.  The placement of applicants is

      not guaranteed.  Host institutions also have the right to terminate Tuition Exchange
      Scholarships if students do not meet clearly articulated standards of academic

      performance or personal conduct.

      Only the Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer at the sponsor institution can certify eligibility

      to participate in the program.  Only the Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer at the host

      institution can offer a Tuition Exchange scholarship.

      University of Pittsburgh as the Sponsoring Institution

      Application for scholarship through the Tuition Exchange Program is open only

      to freshmen dependent children of regular full-time employees with at least one
      year of full-time service.
  The deadline for submitting an application for a Tuition

      Exchange Scholarship is April 1 for the subsequent Fall Term.

      -     Where participation is limited, selection will be made based on the parent's length

            of full-time service defined by the date(s) of full-time hire in the Office of Human

            Resources or Faculty Records.  Preference will be given to first time participants.

      -     The Tuition Exchange Committee will apply additional limitations, as necessary.

      A tuition exchange scholarship generally covers eight academic terms.  However, if the

      University fails to enroll an appropriate number of Tuition Exchange students, eligibility

      may be limited to less than eight terms.  The University has the right to limit eligibility to

      less than eight terms, and eligibility must be recertified each academic year.

      -     Renewal of a Tuition Exchange Scholarship is contingent upon the student

            maintaining the required standards of academic performance and the employee

            maintaining eligibility.  The conditions established by University policies 02-07-02

            and 07-11-02, Effect of Separation on Eligibility for Scholarship Benefits, are

            applicable to Tuition Exchange.

      The tuition exchange scholarship may cover full-tuition at the host institution, but not

      room, board, or special fees. However, institutions with tuitions greater than $9,900 are

      permitted to award less than full tuition.  In such cases, the value of the 1990-91

      scholarship will not be less than $9,900. (This figure may be adjusted annually.)

      Within the context of the Tuition Exchange Program, the following two requirements for

      dependency must be met:

      -     The student must be a natural, adopted, or step child of the employee, and

      -     The student must be listed as a dependent on the employee's 1040 U.S. Individual

            Income Tax Return for the most recent complete tax year.

      The University may require documentation to verify dependency status.

      University of Pittsburgh as the Host Institution

      The tuition exchange scholarship covers only tuition at the University of Pittsburgh, not

      room, board, or special fees such as health, activity, and network service fees.

      Applicants must be admitted to the University of Pittsburgh and certified as eligible for

      a Tuition Exchange scholarship by the Tuition Liaison Officer at their sponsoring


      When the number of applicants exceed the number of available scholarships, the

      Office of Admissions and Financial Aid will rank candidates according to academic


      Tuition costs will be charged to a University account established by the Comptroller's


      Tuition Exchange

      Tuition Exchange is managed by members of the academic community and is

      responsible for the promotion and recording of exchange scholarships, distribution of

      membership lists, and the development and implementation of program controls.  The

      University, as a member institution of Tuition Exchange, will abide by the policies and

      procedures established by Tuition Exchange, which will supersede University policies

      and procedures in the event that inconsistencies arise.


      Procedure 09-03-01, Tuition Exchange Scholarship Program