SECTION:                  Tuition and Fees

SUBJECT:                 Falk School:Tuition and Fees

EFFECTIVE DATE:   August 10, 1988

PAGE(S):                   2


      This policy establishes Falk School tuition and fee rates, rate adjustments, and

      restrictions on changing the registration contract.


      A.   Falk School tuition and fees are determined by the Falk School Board based on

            projected budget requirements, and subject to the approval of the Treasurer of the

            University.  See Procedure 09-05-16, Falk School Tuition and Fees, for current

            tuition and fee rates.

      B.  Changes to the Falk School Registration Contract

            1.    Increased Services

                  Any changes to increase services will be made provided that the parent or

                  guardian visits the Falk School to make the necessary adjustments.  Full

                  payment must be made for the increase in services at the time the change is


            2.   Reduced Services

                  No changes to reduce service will be made after the Registration Contract has

                  been received.

      C.   Rate Adjustments

            1.   Tuition and fees will be adjusted for the following reasons:

                  -     Withdrawal prior to the beginning of the term

                  -     Late enrollment

                  -     Family move from the area

            2.   A 50 percent reduction in the year's charges will be made upon request for a

                  student who withdraws after classes begin and before January 15 (or the

                  beginning of the second term).

                  No other adjustments will be made for withdrawals after classes begin

                  Notification must be received by Student Accounts prior to January 15

            3.   The parent or guardian of students admitted after October 15, but before

                  January 15 (or the beginning of the second term), are invoiced at 75 percent of

                  the tuition and fee rates shown in Procedure 09-05- 16, Falk School: Tuition

                  and Fees.

            4.   The parent or guardian of students admitted after January 15, or the beginning

                  of the second term, are invoiced at 50 percent of the tuition and fee rates.

      D.  The parent or guardian may request deferred tuition payment at Student Loan and

            Special Accounts on or before the due date on the invoice.


      Procedure 09-05-16, Falk School: Tuition and Fees