SECTION:                   Institutional Support Services
SUBJECT:                   Surplus Equipment Recycling and Disposal
EFFECTIVE DATE:            January 3, 1994
PAGE(S):                   2

I.      SCOPE

        This policy establishes a program for recycling surplus
        departmental equipment, includes a timetable for offering the
        equipment for sale to other departments, faculty, staff, and
        students, and provides for reimbursement of a percentage of
        the sales proceeds to the releasing department.  This policy
        applies to University-owned furniture and equipment only, on
        all campuses.


        Central Business Services, through its Surplus Property
        Department, is responsible for the coordination of the
        Surplus Equipment Recycling Program and the disposal of any
        unused departmental equipment.  Equipment available for sale
        through the Surplus Equipment Recycling Program is available
        for inspection in Surplus Property and considered sold "as

        Disposal of surplus equipment that contains, or was used with
        or near hazardous substances, must be approved by the
        Departments of Environmental Health and Safety and Radiation
        Safety to ensure both the safety of personnel and compliance
        with government regulations.

        In the case of surplus computing equipment, Computing and
        Information Services, through its Systems and Networks
        division, is responsible for providing diagnostic testing and
        any necessary reconditioning, in addition to assisting in
        estimating the current market value.  All costs for
        diagnostics and reconditioning of computer equipment will be
        reimbursed to Computing and Information Services.

        In the case of motor vehicles, the Department of
        Transportation, through its Office of Vehicle Rental and
        Repair is responsible for the transfer of vehicle title and
        estimate of current market value.

        University department Asset Liaison Coordinators are
        responsible for identifying and releasing surplus equipment
        to Surplus Property when the equipment is no longer required
        due to:

        -    Lack of continued need
        -    Lack of trade-in value
        -    Obsolescence
        -    Wear, damage, or deterioration
        -    Major repair or rehabilitation for use is impractical
        -    Excessive cost of maintenance

        The Asset Management Department is responsible for identifying
        the net book value, funding source(s) and ownership of any
        tagged asset released to the Recycling Program (excluding
        motor vehicles).

        In those cases where Surplus Property determines that the
        equipment must be scrapped, the releasing department is
        responsible for initiating transfer of the equipment to
        Surplus Property and for covering all costs associated with

        Surplus equipment placed into the recycling program (excluding
        motor vehicles) is held for 45 days for sale to University
        departments only, after which it is available for sale to
        individual students, faculty, and staff for an additional 45
        days.  After 90 days, the equipment may be sold to the
        general public or scrapped.  Motor vehicles are available to
        students, faculty, and staff for 45 days, after which time
        the vehicle may be sold to the general public or scrapped.

        Twenty-five percent of net proceeds over $100 from the sale of
        surplus equipment is credited to the releasing department,
        with the remaining percent credited to the Surplus Property
        Department to offset the costs of pickup and removal,
        reconditioning, storage, and sales.  For items with a resale
        value over $2,000, a minimum of 80 percent of the net
        proceeds will be credited to the releasing department, with
        the remaining percent credited to Surplus Property.  Sales
        tax will be charged on all sales unless a valid sales tax
        exemption certificate is presented by the purchaser.

        The Surplus Property Department is responsible for:

        -    Coordinating the transfer of surplus equipment from the
             department to the warehouse

        -    Ensuring, for all equipment recorded in the University
             Asset Management System, that the appropriate Asset
             Transfer forms are submitted by the releasing department
             prior to transfer

        -    Providing temporary storage until sale or disposal of the

        -    Maintaining a master list of all surplus equipment not
             included in the Asset Management System

        -    Providing a list of available surplus equipment to the
             Purchasing Department for review before purchase
             requisitions for new equipment are processed

        -    Providing a list of available surplus equipment to Office
             Systems Services for use in making departmental

        -    Preparing and distributing a monthly listing of all
             available surplus equipment to University departments
             for posting

        -    Allocating the proceeds from the sale of the surplus
             equipment to the appropriate departments

        Sponsored Research Equipment

        Sponsored research equipment not currently in use may be
        transferred from one sponsored research project to another.
        These transfers are typically the result of the pre-
        acquisition screening process required prior to the purchase
        of sponsor-funded research equipment, and must be approved by
        the sponsoring agency and coordinated through the Office of
        Research Accounting.  See Procedure 05-10-01, Capitalization
        of Fixed and Movable Assets.


        -    Procedure 10-06-04, Surplus Equipment Recycling and

        -    Policy 05-10-01, Capitalization of Fixed and Movable