SECTION:                   Control and Assignment

SUBJECT:                  Facility Passes

EFFECTIVE DATE:   June 4, 1989

PAGE (S):                   3


      To define the steps for requesting, issuing, and distributing University facility passes.


      This procedure includes:

      -     The appropriate use of facility passes

      -     Collection of expired passes

      -     Confiscation of misused passes


      The Public Safety Office has overall responsibility for the administration of University

      facility passes.

      The Regional Campus Security Office is responsible for the distribution of facility passes

      at the regional campuses.


      Facility Pass Temporary permit issued to non-University personnel for access to

      approved University facilities for one event, for the duration of one program, or for

      security reasons.


      A.   Requesting Facility Passes

            Campus, School,

            Department or Program            1.    File a request for facility passes two weeks prior

                                                                      to the specific need by memorandum to the

                                                                      Department of Public Safety, to include the


                                                                      a.   The reason the facility pass is needed

                                                                      b.   Program title

                                                                      c.   Program length

                                                                      d.   Program location

                                                                      e.   Sponsoring department and account number

                                                                      f.    Number of program participants

                                                                      g.   Name and address of each participant

                                                                      h.   Name, address and telephone number of

                                                                            person to contact in the event of an

                                                                            emergency (required for each participant)

      B.   Issuing Facility Passes

            Public Safety                              1.    Review and approve facility pass requests.

                                                               2.    Coordinate access to buildings and University

                                                                      services as required.

                                                               3.    Issue facility pass.

      C.   Recovery of Facility Passes Upon Termination From University Association

            Campus, School,

            Department or Program            1.    Collect facility passes at the time of termination

                                                                      from University association.

                                                               2.    Return the recovered facility passes to the

                                                                      Department of Public Safety.

                                                               3.    Notify the Department of Public Safety of all

                                                                      facility passes that were not returned.

      D.   Confiscation of Facility Passes

            Campus, School,

            Department or Program            1.    Confiscate facility passes under the following


                                                                      a.   When presented by other than the individual

                                                                            to whom it was issued.

                                                                      b.   When the facility pass is inactive.

                                                                      c.   When it is determined that the facility pass is

                                                                            being used improperly.

      E.   Critique and Follow-up Regarding Events for which Facility Passes were Issued

            At the conclusion of the scheduled event, upon recovery of Facility Passes, the Public

            Safety Department is interested in hearing from concerned individuals or groups who

            would object to future passes being issued to the same individual or organization.  The

            objections must be based on cause, e.g., misuse of the facility pass; specific

            problems experienced at the event; violation of University policies regarding the use

            of University facilities.

            Objecting Person                       1.    Forward, by letter, a list of objections, to the

                                                                      Director of Public Safety.

                                                                      The letter must be signed by the objecting


            Public Safety                              2.    Retain the objections as part of the

                                                                      administrative file, to be considered in any future

                                                                      requests for facility passes by the person or

                                                                      organization involved.


      Policy 04-01-05, Facility Passes