SECTION:                   University Parking
SUBJECT:                  Parking Rules and Regulations
EFFECTIVE DATE:    November 8, 2010 Revised
PAGE(S):                    3


      To define the University Parking Permit application process, and to provide information

      about citations, appeals, lost permits, and updating parking information.  For complete

      parking information refer to the parking website at


      This procedure applies to faculty, staff, students, and affiliated personnel parking on

      University owned or leased property on or off the Pittsburgh Campus.


      The Director of Parking, Transportation, and Services is responsible for establishing

      parking regulations, allocating spaces, and issuing parking permits.


      Obtaining Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

      Faculty/Staff Member                        1.   Complete Parking/Waitlist Agreement


                                                                 2.   Determine method of payment.

                                                                       NOTE:  Payment by faculty and staff for parking

                                                                       permits will be made by monthly payroll deduction.

                                                                       All others not eligible for payroll deduction must

                                                                       remit check or money order payable to the

                                                                       University of Pittsburgh or pay by credit card

                                                                       (MC, Visa, Discover) for a minimum of one term

                                                                       (4 months) during the first week of each term.

      Changing Parking Information

      Faculty/Staff Member                        1.   Notify Parking Services of any change of permit


                                                                       a.   name

                                                                       b.   campus address/email address/phone

                                                                       c.   vehicle

                                                                       d.   tag number


      Reporting Lost or Stolen Permits

      Faculty/Staff Member                        1.   Report a lost or stolen permit immediately to

                                                                       Parking Services.  A report must be filed with the

                                                                       Campus Police when a permit is reported stolen.

                                                                 2.   There are fees for lost or stolen University property,

                                                                       including but not limited to permits, keys, access

                                                                       cards, and/or transmitters.

                                                                 3.   Any permit reported lost or stolen becomes invalid. 

                                                                       If a lost or stolen permit is found, it must be returned

                                                                       to Parking Services.

      Canceling Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

      Faculty/Staff Member                        1.   Regardless of method of payment; notify Parking

                                                                       Services of cancellation and return permit.

                                                                       NOTE:  The parking permit payroll deduction is a

                                                                       current month deduction, i.e., the deduction in

                                                                       January is payment for January parking.  In order to

                                                                       cancel charges for any month a permit is no longer

                                                                       needed, the permit must be returned to Parking

                                                                       Services by the third working day of the cancellation

                                                                       month.  Any advance payments that were made will

                                                                       be refunded based upon the date the permit is

                                                                       received by Parking Services.

      Obtaining Commuter and Evening Student Parking Permits

      Student                                             1.   At the beginning of each term apply for a student

                                                                      parking permit by presenting the following at Parking


                                                                      a.   vehicle registration card

                                                                      b.   valid University ID Card

                                                                2.   Present payment of the appropriate fee in cash,

                                                                      check payable to the University of Pittsburgh, by

                                                                      credit card (MC, Visa, Discover), or Panther Funds.

                                                                      NOTE:  Student Parking Permits are issued on

                                                                      a first come, first served basis.

                                                                3.   A separate brochure, Student Parking at Pitt, is

                                                                      available in Parking Services and on the website.

      Obtaining Resident Student Parking Permits

      Student                                             1.   The annual Arrival kit includes a parking application

                                                                      for resident students.  Call Parking Services for

                                                                      details or check the website (

      Appealing a Ticket

      Appellant                                           1.   Appeals must be received at Parking Services

                                                                      within ten days after ticket issuance.

                                                                2.   Appeals may be submitted by fax, email, regular mail,

                                                                      or by phone.  Check the website (

                                                                      for additional information.

                                                                3.   Complete Parking Appeals form (Exhibit A)

                                                                      (, if

                                                                      mailing or faxing appeal.  If using phone or email,

                                                                      please provide the requested information.


      Exhibit A - Appeals Form (


      Policy 04-03-01, Parking Rules and Regulations

      Traffic and Parking Ordinance

      Parking at Pitt Brochure

      Student Parking at Pitt Brochure

      Bicycling at Pitt Brochure