SECTION:                  Funds Management
SUBJECT:                 Disbursement Requests
EFFECTIVE DATE:   September 22, 1989
PAGE(S):                    2


      To establish the procedure for the preparation, approval, and processing of

      Disbursement Requests.


      This procedure is applicable to all Disbursement Requests prepared by University

      offices for general or special use as defined in Policy 05-06-03.


      Preparation and Processing of Disbursement Requests

      Originator                                           1.    Prepare FORM 0014, Disbursement Request,

                                                                        in accordance with the instructions provided on

                                                                        the form.

                                                                 2.    Attach supporting documents (e.g., invoices,

                                                                        contracts, etc.) to the request, together with

                                                                        any enclosures that will accompany the check.

                                                                        Note: Attach enclosures to the bottom left front

                                                                        of the Disbursement Request with a paper clip.

                                                                 3.    Obtain approval from other University offices

                                                                        when requesting payment for goods or services

                                                                        that are normally procured through those offices.

                                                                 4.    Obtain the approval signature from the FAIS

                                                                        Account Administrator.

                                                                        Note: When the requestor is also the FAIS

                                                                        Administrator or the head of the responsibility

                                                                        center, the request must be signed by the next

                                                                        higher level of responsibility.

                                                                 5.    Forward the request, together with all supporting

                                                                        documents to Accounts Payable for processing


      Processing Disbursement Requests When the Payment is Mailed To the Originator and

      Not To the Payee

      Originator                                           1.    Prepare and forward a memo to the Comptroller

                                                                        requesting that the disbursement be returned

                                                                        to the originator.  Provide an explanation

                                                                        justifying the exception, attach supporting

                                                                        documents, and forward the Disbursement

                                                                        Request, the memo, and attachments to the

                                                                        Comptroller for review and approval.

      Comptroller                                        2.    Review the request for exception and approve,

                                                                        if justified.

                                                                 3.    Forward the Disbursement Requests to

                                                                        Accounts Payable for processing payments.

      Processing Disbursement Request Payments

      Accounts Payable                              1.    Audit the requests and supporting documents.

                                                                 2.    If a mailing exception was requested and denied

                                                                        by the Comptroller, inform the originator that the

                                                                        check will be mailed to the payee.

                                                                 3.    If the Disbursement Request is incomplete or

                                                                        inaccurate, return the request and supporting

                                                                        documents to the originator for correction and


                                                                 4.    Prepare and forward the checks, together with

                                                                        the appropriate enclosures, to General


      General Accounting                           5.    Sign and process the checks for mailing and

                                                                        insert the appropriate enclosures.

                                                                 6.    Forward to Accounts Payable, any checks that

                                                                        have been approved by the Comptroller for

                                                                        pickup by the originator.

      Accounts Payable                              7.    Notify the originator to pick up the check.

                                                                         Note: The individual picking up the check must

                                                                         present a current validated University Faculty,
                                                                         Staff, or Student Identification Card.  If the

                                                                         person picking up the check is not the payee,

                                                                         an authorization memorandum must be

                                                                         prepared by the payee or the requesting

                                                                         department.  The memorandum should include

                                                                         the name of the payee, the amount of the

                                                                         check, the name of the individual picking up the

                                                                         check, and the signature of either the payee or

                                                                         the head of the responsibility center.  Checks

                                                                         will be released only to University faculty, staff,

                                                                         or students.


      Exhibit A, FORM 0014, Disbursement Request


      Policy 05-06-03, Disbursement Request