SECTION:          University Grading

SUBJECT:          Course Withdrawal

EFFECTIVE DATE:   September 28, 2000 Revised

PAGE(S):          2



     To outline the process for withdrawing from courses through the

     dean's office of the school offering the course.




     This procedure applies to withdrawal from all courses after the

     deadline for processing a resignation through the Office of

     Student Appeals, and withdrawal from individual courses after the

     end of the add/drop period but prior to the ninth week of the

     term (fourth week of the session).




     The Academic Dean is responsible for approving monitored

     withdrawal requests processed through the academic center during

     the time period established for monitored withdrawal, and

     forwarding Monitored Withdrawal Request forms to the Office of

     the Registrar by the established deadline dates for the term or



     The Office of the Registrar is responsible for processing

     Monitored Withdrawal Request forms before grade rosters are run

     for the term or session.




     Term/Session Withdrawal


     Withdrawal from all courses for which the student is registered

     in the term or session, after the 60% point (in time) of the term

     or session.  Such withdrawals are processed through the office of

     the student's academic dean.  There is no financial adjustment

     associated with this procedure, which results in the assignment

     of W grades for the courses.


     Monitored Withdrawal


     Withdraw from an individual course for which the student is

     registered, after the add/drop period and prior to the ninth week

     of the term (fourth week of the session).


     A.   Processing a Monitored Withdrawal


          Student             1.   Initiate monitored withdrawal

                                   in the office of the dean or campus

                                   president of the academic center

                                   offering the course.


                              2.   Complete FORM 0037, Monitored

                                   Withdrawal Request, for each

                                   course, according to the attached

                                   Form Instruction Guide.


                              3.   Sign FORM 0037.  Obtain the

                                   instructor's signature and submit

                                   the completed form to the dean of

                                   the school offering the course.


          Academic Dean/

          Campus President    4.   Review the request, and

                                   if approved, sign FORM 0037.


                              5.   Forward the original (white) copy

                                   to the Office of the Registrar and

                                   issue the pink copy to the student.

                                   Retain the yellow copy on file in

                                   the academic center.


          Registrar           6.   Process Monitor Withdrawal

                                   Request forms.


     B.   Processing a Term/Session Withdrawal


          Student             1.   Initiate monitored withdrawal

                                   in the office of the dean of or

                                   campus president of your academic



          Academic Dean       2.   Review the request.


                              3.   If the reason for withdrawal is

                                   medical or psychological in nature,

                                   request support documentation from

                                   the student.  If unable to make a

                                   determination based upon the

                                   support documents provided, obtain

                                   the student's consent to permit

                                   review of the documentation by the

                                   Director of the Student Health

                                   Services who will provide advice or

                                   a second opinion.


                              4.   Approve or deny the request.


                              5.   If approved, notify the Registrar

                                   to ensure assignment of the W



                                   a.   If grades have been issued,

                                        process Grade Change forms to

                                        assign the W grade.




     Exhibit A - FORM 0037, Monitored Withdrawal Request


     FORM 0037 Form Instruction Guide




     Policy 09-01-07, Course Withdrawal


     Policy 09-01-01, Grading System