SECTION:                  Registration and Records

SUBJECT:                 Advanced Standing Credits

EFFECTIVE DATE:   February 11, 1992

PAGE(S):                   3


      To outline steps for awarding credit applicable toward a University of Pittsburgh degree or

      certificate for course work other than that registered for and completed at the University of



      This procedure applies to the following types of advanced standing credits:

      Transfer Credit - credits earned at other institutions and accepted for transfer

      Standardized Tests - credits earned by standardized examinations such as the College

      Level Examination Program (CLEP), Occupational Competency, ACT-PEP Challenge, and

      Advanced Placement Exams

      Credit by Course Examination - credits earned by passing an examination administered by

      the University, in absence of registration for the course


      Academic Centers are responsible for determining whether and under what circumstances

      advanced standing credits are awarded.

      The Office of the Registrar, with the approval of the academic dean, is responsible for

      posing advanced standing credits to the official University transcript.


      Advanced Standing/Transfer Credit/Standardized Tests

      Student’s Academic Center                    1.   Evaluate for acceptance toward a University

                                                                            degree or certificate course work completed at

                                                                            other institutions or standardized test results.

                                                                      2.   Complete FORM 0120, Transfer/Advanced

                                                                            Standing Credits Accepted (Exhibit A),

                                                                            according to attached Form Instruction Guide.

                                                                            a.   Forward white copy of FORM 0120 to


                                                                            b.   Retain yellow copy of FORM 0120 and

                                                                                  forward gold copy of FORM 0120 to

                                                                                  Academic Center Data Entry.

                                                                            c.   Forward pink copy of FORM 0120 to


      Registrar                                                 3.   Post as block credits on transcripts those

                                                                            credits authorized for acceptance by

                                                                            Academic Centers.

      Credit by Course Examination

      Student                                                   1.   Complete the student information on FORM

                                                                            0143, Credit by Course Examination, Exhibit

                                                                            B, at your academic center and obtain the

                                                                            authorization of the dean (or designee).

      Student’s Academic Center Dean          2.   Verify the course information on FORM 0143

                                                                            and authorize the student to take test by

                                                                            signing FORM 0143.

      Student                                                   3.   Submit FORM 0143 to the Academic Center

                                                                            offering the course to make arrangements to

                                                                            take the test.

      Academic Center/Department

      Offering the Course                                4.   Authorize the administering of the test by

                                                                            signing FORM 0143.

                                                                            NOTE:  Authorization indicates that an

                                                                            instructor is willing to prepare and grade the


      Student                                                   5.   Submit the completed and authorized FORM

                                                                            0143 to the Cashier’s Office for payment.

      Cashier’s Office                                     6.   Process the payment and complete the

                                                                           Cashier’s section of FORM 0143.

                                                                     7.   Attach the receipt and return the form intact to

                                                                           the student.

      Student                                                  8.   Submit the validated FORM 0143 and the

                                                                           receipt to the academic center offering the

                                                                           course to arrange a test date, time and location.

      Academic Center/Department

      Offering the Course                               9.   Enter the Test Date, Time, Building and Room

                                                                           number on FORM 0143.

                                                                   10.   Retain the original (white), yellow, and pink

                                                                           copies of FORM 0143 on file and issue the

                                                                           gold copy, with the receipt, to the student for

                                                                           admission to the test.

      Student                                                 11.   Present the gold copy of FORM 0143, with the

                                                                           receipt, and a valid University ID card to the

                                                                           instructor at the test site.

      Instructor                                              12.   Grade the test and evaluate the test results as

                                                                           either “pass” or "fail.”

                                                                   13.   Enter the test results and sign FORM 0143 (on

                                                                           file in the academic center).

      Academic Center/Department

      Offering the Course                              14.   For “passing” test results only, forward the

                                                                           original (white) copy of FORM 0143 to the

                                                                           Office of the Registrar for posting to the

                                                                           student’s transcript.  Otherwise, forward the

                                                                           original to the student’s academic center.

                                                                   15.   Forward the yellow copy to the student’s

                                                                           academic center.  Retain pink copies on file in

                                                                           the academic center/department.

                                                                   16.   Notify the student of the test results.

      Registrar                                              17.   Upon receipt of FORM 0143, authorized by

                                                                           the appropriate academic deans, pos the

                                                                           following information on the student’s


                                                                           -     Name of Student’s Academic Center

                                                                           -     Date of Exam

                                                                           -     Number of credits indicated


      Exhibit A, FORM 0120, Transfer/Advanced Standing Credits Accepted

      Form Instruction Guide

      Exhibit B, FORM 0120-1, Transfer/Advanced Standing Credits Accepted – Detail continued

      Exhibit C, FORM 0143, Credit by Course Examination

      Form Instruction Guide

      Exhibit D, University Transcript Standard Abbreviations


      Policy 09-04-06, Advanced Standing Credits