SECTION:                   Tuition and Fees
SUBJECT:                   Falk School:Tuition and Fees
EFFECTIVE DATE:            September 26, 1988


        To provide the steps for the billing of Falk School tuition
        and fees in accordance with the approved rate of charges.


        This procedure includes:

        -    Falk School Registration

        -    Invoicing

        -    Payment and Tuition Scholarships

        -    Delinquent Accounts


        A.   The Dean of the School of Education, each year, as a part
             of  the budgeting process, presents a recommendation of
             new tuition and fee rates to the Provost.

        B.   The Provost reviews the tuition and fee rates and
             recommends approval to the Treasurer.

        C.   The Treasurer reviews, approves, and forwards the rates
             to the Registrar for implementation.

        D.   The Registrar advises the Provost, Dean of the School of
             Education, Director  of Falk School, and Student
             Accounts of the approved tuition and fees.

        E.   The Director of Falk School, upon receipt of approval,
             prepares contracts based on the new rates; and
             determines the beginning and end dates for each term for
             inclusion in the academic calendar.

        F.   Student Accounts issues tuition invoices based on the
             registration contract, and monitors payments.

        NOTE:  No new contracts may be prepared until appropriate
        approvals have been issued.


        Responsibility    Action


        Falk School Office1.  Prepare Deposit/Registration Form and
                              send it to the parent/guardian of
                              currently enrolled students, requesting
                              payment of Advance Payment Deposit (see
                              Exhibit A) by the date specified.

        Parent or Guardian2.  Identify child (children) who will
                              attend the upcoming school year.  Sign
                              and return the Deposit/Registration
                              Form to the Falk School office,
                              together with a deposit for each child.

        Falk School Office3.  Prepare FORM 0012 Cash Report, to record
                              and process all deposit monies
                              received, and submit it to the
                              Cashier's for processing.  (See Policy
                              05-06-02, Cash Reports)

                          4.  Complete FORM 0011 PITT 1343,
                              Registration Contract in original and
                              three copies, and distribute as

                              Original (White)/Yellow/Pink - Parent or
                              Gold - Falk School

                          5.  Forward the original (white) and two
                              copies (yellow and pink) to the parent
                              or guardian for signature, and retain
                              one copy (gold) for file.

        Parent or Guardian6.  Complete, sign, and return the original
                              (white) and (yellow) copy to the Falk
                              School Office.

                          7.  Retain (pink) copy for record.

        Falk School Office8.  Forward the original (white) FORM 0011
                              PITT 1343, Registration Contract to
                              Student Accounts for invoicing and
                              retain a copy (yellow) for files.

        Tuition Scholarships

        Eligible Staff    9.  Submit scholarship, together with
                              Member Registration Contract to Falk
                              School. (See Procedure 07-11-01,
                              Employee/Dependent Scholarships.

        Tuition Aid Memo

        Falk School      10.  Forward a Tuition Aid memo issued by the
                              Director  of Falk School, together with
                              the Registration Contract to Student


        Student Accounts 11.  Invoice the tuition and fees that are
                              required for each student.  This
                              includes the full contract amount less
                              deposit and any aid.  One half of the
                              contract is due in August and the
                              remainder in December.

                         12.  Assess a late payment fee to invoices
                              that are not processed on or before the
                              due date.


        Parent or Guardian13. Present payment in full to the

                              - Payments are due in August and
                                December on a date specified by
                                Student Accounts.

                         14.  For students who are admitted after
                              August 1 or December 1, remit the
                              amount of tuition that is due together
                              with the completed contract, or arrange
                              a deferred tuition payment plan at
                              Student Loans and Special Accounts
                              prior to attendance by the student.

        Cashier          15.  Prepare FORM 0012 Cash Report for
                              payments received, and forward billing
                              document to Student Accounts.

        Delinquent Accounts

        Student Accounts/
        Student Loans and
        Special Accounts 16.  Each month, notify the Falk SchoolOffice
                              of any past due accounts.Delinquent
                              accounts deemed uncollectiblewill be
                              processed according to University

        Falk School Office17. Refuse permission to allow student to
                              attend classes or otherwise be
                              considered a Falk School student until
                              the contract has been processed with
                              advance payment and the invoice paid.

                         18.  Withhold report cards and diplomas,
                              records of transfer, and permission to
                              re-enroll for either the second half or
                              future terms until accounts are
                              cleared, or satisfactory arrangements
                              are made for payment through Student
                              Loans and Special Accounts.

        Student Accounts 19.  Review all accounts that have processeda
                              contract and made an advance tuition
                              payment, within five work days after
                              the due date.

                         20.  Send a warning letter to parents or
                              guardians whose accounts are unpaid, or
                              have not initiated a deferred payment
                              plan.  The warning letter will state
                              that the deposit will be forfeited and
                              their contract canceled if payment is
                              not received within ten days.

                         21.  Forfeit the deposit and return the
                              contract to the Director of Falk School
                              for notification to parent or guardian,
                              if payment has not been received within
                              ten days.

                              NOTE:  Reinstatement of cancelled
                              contracts  requires payment in full
                              prior to the student attending classes.

                         22.  Prepare a new contract and forward to
                              the parent or guardian for payment as
                              previously stated.

                              NOTE: The advance payment deposit is
                              forfeited as a result of the
                              cancellation process and cannot,
                              therefore, be used for credit on the
                              reinstated contract.


        Procedure 05-06-02, Cash Reports.

        Procedure 07-11-01, Employee/Dependent Scholarships.

        Policy 07-11-02, Eligibility and Terms of Employee/Dependent


        Exhibit A - Falk School Tuition and Fee Schedule.

        Exhibit B - Deposit/Registration Form.

        Exhibit C - FORM 0011 PITT 1343, Falk School Registration

        Form Instruction Guide - FORM 0011 PITT 1343.