SECTION:                   University Mailings
SUBJECT:                   Name and Address Lists and Mailing Labels
EFFECTIVE DATE:            August 5, 1992


        To define the process for requesting University name and
        address lists and mailing labels for University mailings, and
        for advertising or distributing other material for functions
        external to the University.


        This procedure applies to University mailing labels and name
        and address lists derived from University data and maintained
        by Computing and Information Services.


        Mailing Label  A slip of paper or tag affixed to an item,
        indicating its destination, and produced from a name and
        address list.  Labels are either Able-Stick (pressure
        sensitive) or Cheshire (machine applied).

        Name and Address List  The name, address, and zip code of
        several individuals, corporations, foundations, or
        associations, usually listed on continuous computer paper.

        University Data  The collection of data elements essential in
        performing the University mission, and usually maintained on
        the central University computer.

        University Name and Address List  A name and address list
        derived from University data.  The lists contain SSN or PR
        numbers, names, addresses, and limited miscellaneous
        attribute codes.

        University Mailing Labels  Mailing labels produced from a
        University name and address list, sorted by name, SSN, PR
        number, or zip code.

        Verification List  A list of names and/or identification
        numbers corresponding to a set of mailing labels without
        associated addresses and zip codes.  The sequence of the
        listing is either alphabetical by name, or numerical by PR

        Special Label Request  A label request that requires special
        selection criteria not listed on FORM 0167 Faculty/Staff
        Label Request, or FORM 0168, Student Label Request.

        Personal Reference (PR) Number  An unique number assigned to
        an individual associated with the University which appears on
        the University ID Card of the individual.


        The Manager of Mailing Services must approve all Faculty/Staff
        and Student Label Requests, and is responsible for generating
        the labels for standard requests, distributing approved
        materials to faculty, staff, and students, and monitoring
        unauthorized attempts to distribute materials or obtain
        mailing labels.

        The Associate Vice Chancellor for Business is responsible for
        determining cultural worthiness or educational value of
        advertising or other materials for functions external to the

        Computing and Information Services is responsible for
        generating labels for non-standard requests and developing
        computer programs as necessary to support special label


        Responsibility     Action

        A.  Requesting University Mailing Labels for University
            Business: With or Without Verification List

        Requester         1.  Complete FORM 0167, Faculty/Staff Label
                              Request (Exhibit A) or FORM 0168,
                              Student Label Request (Exhibit B), as
                              appropriate, according to the attached
                              Form Instruction Guides.

                              a.   To request selections not available
                                on the label request forms, attached
                                a letter describing the special

                          2.  Forward the original (white) and copies
                              of the label request FORM 0167 or FORM
                              0168 and any attachments, together with
                              a sample of the material to be mailed,
                              to the Manager of Mailing Services for
                              approval.  Retain pink copy.

                              a.   If only mailing services are
                                required, forward FORM 0007, Mailing
                                Requisition directly to Mailing
                                Services with the material to be

                              b.   If printing and mailing services
                                are required, complete FORM 0007,
                                Mailing Requisition, and FORM 0008,
                                Printing Requisition, according to
                                standard procedures for
                                requisitioning those services.

                              Note:   Enter the preprinted Label
                                   Request number on both the
                                   printing and mailing requisitions.

                              c.   Forward the Mailing Requisition to
                                Mailing Services and forward the
                                Printing requisition to University
                                Graphics and Printing.

                                (University Graphics and Printing will
                                prepare and forward the printed
                                materials to Mailing Services.)

        Manager, Mailing
        Services          3.  If not approved, immediately notify requester 
                              of the reason.

                          4.  If approved, contact the requester to
                              clarify specifics of the request, if

                          5.  Generate standard labels and
                              verification list, if requested.
                              Forward non-standard requests to CIS
                              for processing.

        Mailing Services  6.  Forward a verification list to the
                              requester or notify requester of label
                              quantity for verification.

                          7.  Match the label request number from FORM
                              0167 or FORM 0168 to the request number
                              on the labels to identify the job.

                          8.  Distribute the Mailing.

                          9.  Process Interdepartmental Charge (IDC)
                              to charge appropriate department
                              account for labels and mailing

        B.  Requests for University Name and Address Lists without

        Requester         1.  Complete FORM 0167, Faculty/Staff Label
                              Request (Exhibit A) or FORM 0168,
                              Student Label Request (Exhibit B), as
                              appropriate, according to the attached
                              Form Instruction Guides.

                          2.  Prepare a written request describing the
                              purpose for which the data will be

                          3.  Forward the request to the Manager of
                              Mailing Services.

        Manager, Mailing
        Services          4.  Approve or reject the request in
                              accordance with applicable University
                              policy. (See Section VIII, References.)

                          5.  If approved, process standard Label
                              Request requests.  If non-standard,
                              forward to CIS for processing.

                          6.  If not approved, immediately notify the
                              requester of the reason.

        Manager, Mailing
        Services/CIS      7.  Generate the Name and Address List and
                              return directly to the requester.

        C.  Requesting University Mailing Labels for Non-University
            Advertising Material.

        Requester         1.  Prepare a written request to the
                              Associate Vice Chancellor for Business
                              regarding the advertising and include
                              the following:

                              a.   Justification for internal
                                distribution of the material to the
                                University community.

                              b.   Indicate whether mailing will be
                                for faculty/staff and/or student

                              c.   Attach a sample of the advertising

        Associate Vice
        Chancellor for
        Business          2.  Determine, in consultation with the
                              appropriate administrative officers,
                              the cultural worthiness or educational
                              value of the material, and based on
                              that determination, approve or deny the

                          3.  If not approved, notify the requester.

                          4.  If approved, forward a copy of the
                              request to Mailing Services for

        Manager, Mailing
        Services          5.  Upon receipt of a copy of the approved
                              written request for non-University
                              advertising from the Associate Vice
                              Chancellor for Business, complete FORM
                              0167 Faculty/Staff Label Request and/or
                              FORM 0168, Student Label Request as

                          6.  Contact the requester to arrange
                              delivery of an appropriate quantity of
                              the material to Mailing Services.

                          7.  Prepare and distribute the mailing.

                          8.  Invoice the requester.


        Exhibit A - FORM 0167, Faculty/Staff Label Request

        Exhibit B - FORM 0168, Student Label Request

        Exhibit C - Faculty/Staff and Student Label Requests: Typical


        FORM 0007 - Mailing Requisition

        FORM 0008 - Printing Requisition


        - Policy 10-01-01, Name and Address Lists and Mailing Labels.

        - Procedure 10-02-01, Computing and Information Systems
          Service Requests.

                                                    PROCEDURE 10-01-01

                          TYPICAL SELECTIONS

        Independent Lists     - Administrative Distribution List
                                (Deans, Directors, Department Heads)
                              - Managerial Distribution List
                                (Supervisors, Managers)

        Faculty               - Full-Time
                              - Part-Time
                              - GSA/TA/TF/GSR's
                              - Research Associates
                              - Faculty Rank
                              - Regional Campuses

             Staff                 - Full-Time
                              - Part-Time
                              - Regular/Temporary
                              - Union/Non-Union
                              - Job Classification
                              - Regional Campus

        Students              - Full-Time
                              - Part-Time
                                - Undergraduate
                              - Graduate
                              - Enrolled
                              - Graduated
                              - Primary Academic Program
                              - Secondary Academic Program
                              - Birth date
                              - Student Level by Credits Earned

        Undergraduate Applicants      - All
                                - Rejected
                                - Admitted
                                - Admit Paid
                                - Freshmen
                                - Transfers