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Insurance - Medical Malpractice


Medical Malpractice and Credentialing


Credentialing - Medical Malpractice Requests:


"Credentialing" describes the process of establishing the qualifications of licensed professionals and organizations and their backgrounds, including claims history, for purposes of establishing legitimacy.


The University receives requests from prospective employers, UPMC, and other health care institutions to provide medical malpractice loss/claims history & dates of past insurance coverage for credentialing purposes. THESE REQUESTS SHOULD COME THROUGH THE EMPLOYER AND NOT THE STUDENT.


Current Year Malpractice Insurance Requests:

Although sometimes called 'credentialing', current year insurance is typically needed for hospital accreditation purposes (JCAHO), e.g. from the UPMC Credentialing Verification Office, and for professional license renewals.


If no claims or insurance history is needed and you are asked to provide evidence of only current year medical malpractice insurance:


Licensed Dentists Only:

If evidence of your individual coverage is needed, check with the appropriate administrators in the School of Dental Medicine as current certificates of insurance have been provided.


NOTE: Unlike General, Automobile and Excess/Umbrella Liability policies, in most cases, a third party CANNOT be named as Additional Insured on Medical Professional Liability insurance policies.