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Employee Responsibilities (Employees living/working in PA)

Reporting a Work-Related Injury, Illness, or Disease



Medical Treatment


Emergency assistance may be obtained from campus Security or Public Safety Departments.


       Form C


   PO Box 2971

   Pittsburgh, PA  15230

   Fax: 412-454-7519


You must treat with a Panel provider for the first 90 days from the date of your first visit for medical treatment to be considered for payment. The University will not pay medical services provided by a non-Panel physician during the first 90 days of treatment.




Express Scripts, Inc. administers the University's WC prescription program. Prescriptions will be covered as long as they are deemed reasonable, necessary and directly associated with your work-related injury. You must do the following for your 'first' pharmacy visit related to each reported injury:



Return to Work Releases/Restrictions



Correspondence from WorkPartners


Once you have reported your injury, you will receive a letter from WorkPartners, asking you to: