Office of the Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer (OOT), in conjunction with the CFO, develops and maintains a proper capital structure and liquidity profile for the University in order to both support the University’s goals and objectives and to properly manage financial risk.  The OOT is responsible for the prudent management of financial assets and liabilities of the University, including the investment and safekeeping of non-endowment funds, the issuance and oversight of debt obligations, and the oversight and control of all University banking related accounts and services and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

The Treasurer provides important financial insight related to capital projects, strategic initiatives and any other significant uses of capital within the University to the Board of Trustees, University departments and senior staff.  The OOT also has investment oversight responsibility of the University’s Defined Benefit Pension Plan (DBPP), Planned Giving Assets program and other financial assets. 

Further, the OOT is responsible for the strategic oversight of all University-wide treasury management activities and systems, including all University banking related accounts and services.  These responsibilities involve daily concentration and disbursements of funds, forecasting the University’s cash position, funding cash deficits, investing cash surplus, and managing the University’s Short Duration Operating Funds. Finally, the OOT is a member of the University’s E-business Resource Group and manages the university’s relationship with its merchant banks for the acceptance of credit cards.

Debt/Investor Portal

In conjunction with the CFO, the OOT is responsible for the University’s capital structure, maintaining its creditworthiness, and providing funding for capital expenditures. This function includes forecasting capital needs, determining debt capacity, structuring and issuing external financings, managing debt-related activities and obligations, communication with the rating agencies and creditors, and Budget Committee reporting.

University of Pittsburgh Long-term Credit Ratings as of 06/30/2020:

Moody’s:    Aa1                   Outlook: Stable

S&P:           AA+                   Outlook: Stable


EMMA (Electronic Municipal Market Access)  Issuer HomePage 
For more  information on the University’s outstanding debt, please see the University’s Audited Financial Statements 

Other Activities

The OOT provides financial analysis support to other University departments. OOT staff serves on a variety of organization-wide committees, designed to improve operational efficiencies across academic and business units

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