SVC/CFO Strategic Plan

In support of the University’s mission, the SVC/CFO’s office developed a five-year strategic plan in 2020. The plan was refreshed in the fall of 2022 to reflect progress that has been made against the original objectives as well the evolving needs of the University and CFO staff members. 

Guiding Principles

The staff within the SVC/CFO’s office strive to embrace the University’s core values, including excellence, integrity, collaboration, diversity, and agility by:
  • Developing collaborative partnerships with University stakeholders to address issues and solve problems.
  • Consulting with our stakeholders and including them in making decisions that affect their business processes and systems.
  • Working continuously to improve current processes, tools, and policies in service to our stakeholders.
  • Fostering a culture of strategy and performance-driven planning and budgeting.
  • Promoting a long-range view of priorities and resource needs to achieve the strategic goals and objectives contained in the Plan for Pitt.
  • Encouraging transparency and providing clear and effective communications internally and externally.
  • Reviewing progress towards our strategic objectives on a regular basis and making adjustments to reflect priorities.

Strategic Objectives

Drive collaborative strategic planning at the University that incorporates an enterprise risk management framework.

Financial Steward: 
Optimize and align University resources with strategic priorities and values.

Champion a customer-first relationship with the University’s RCs.

Attract, retain, and develop the top talent to maintain a diverse and engaged workforce.


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